writing is magic, as much the water of life as any other creative art. the water is free, so drink. drink and be filled up. 

   -stephen king



my greatest joys in life are being a wife to ethan b, being a wedding photographer for amazing brides and grooms, and living in danville, illinois. i love gathering people around our table. i love presentation and take my time making things pretty. i always stop to enjoy the moment. usually i also take a picture of whatever i'm enjoying. i love being a business woman. i love writing. i love drinking coffee and eating all the breakfast food. my favorite tv shows are gilmore girls, parks and rec, the office, senfield and brooklyn nine-nine.
i feel like it's important to know those types of things about people. also, i quote those tv shows like it's my job.  



my parents gave me the middle name faith because i was a surprise baby and they had no money. they believed God would provide. he did and now i believe the same. i am thankful for the way i was raised. i fell in love with Jesus at a very young age. i always wished people would call me faye because i wanted to be liv tyler in that thing you do! but that nickname never took off. 



i met this handsome irish bearded dude working at a nursing home. i fell in love with him when he got am elderly woman to eat her dinner. a woman who hadn't eaten for anyone else, for days. he also made her smile and she hadn't in days. i went weak in the knees and kissed him good in the coat closet. i got a bad evaluation from my teacher because i was more interested in getting a date than a good grade for class. but i did get that date. and we were wed just a short six months later. now we spend our days living this joyful married life. and i can't believe he's mine. 

coffee is.


what we do. 

my favorite memories are almost always around coffee.
new couples tell us their love story while we sip coffee.
ethan b takes me to new places on our work travels and it's always bomb ass coffee. 
book stores teamed up with coffee shops. totally brill. 

coffee is. 
a sweet experience. 
i can't remember the first cup of coffee i ever tasted. 
but i'm pretty sure it was mostly a coffee flavored drink and not actual coffee.
years later and i appreciate actual fine coffee. i'm not a snob (i'm not sure they liked to be called snobs? maybe they do) about it and i do still enjoy a mocha because CHOCOLATE AND COFFEE. duh. i learned how to make espresso from a friend who happens to be a super talented coffee dude. so i feel pretty snazzy and good about myself and now i need ethan to buy us an espresso machine. i would make him one every day. 

coffee is.
special to me.
i love having a hot beverage to hold in my hands. 
i don't mind the caffeine benefits.
i love the coffee dates. the sharing stories. the vulnerable moments. and the victories. 
it's like my champagne. pop the bubbly? nah, pour the coffee.
let's celebrate.  



we love marriage. intensely.


ethan and i have been married for over seven years. 
and we freaking love it. 
ethan was a weird little kid who only ever wanted to be a husband.
his mama told me he was six years old when he
 first told her what he wanted to be when he grew up. a husband.
it's an honor to be married to such an intense, intentional man.
marriage teaches me so much about life and love. 
it is the most intimate relationship we can have on earth. 
being married teaches me a lot about myself. and sometimes, that's annoying.
i'm changing faster than ever into the woman i was created to be because being married points out my flaws and i aim to conquer that selfishness
and turn it into a God-honoring story of love.
i love sharing marriage advice. i love asking my mentor everything about marriage and then applying it and watching my life and love story change for the better. 
we need wise people around us. and we need to take wise marriage advice. 
i really enjoy meeting with wives and wives-to-be and
digging into what marriage should be together. 
we live every single day as if we won't have each other tomorrow.
we have seen a lot of sorrow and loss amongst our community and in our own family, 
it's true that life is short. so we embrace each breath and enjoy the crap outta each other. 



the traveling burts. plusalso, BURTco.

traveling plus photography. 

i had no idea i would live a traveling lifestyle. 
i had no idea we would become wedding photographers. 

it's alway an adjustment. to live the life you actually have vs. the life you thought you wanted or would receive. or were trying to get.
this life of travel was never anything i wanted for myself. 
and i'm in a great deal of physical pain dealing with chronic lyme disease that i never would have assumed that i would be a traveling girl. i never thought i would have lyme disease or find a perfect husband to marry. so there are pros and cons to the life i got.
i will take it. 

in over six years of business we have now been coast to coast. 
we hope to fill all of the states in-between. 
this is just so fun. turns out there are amazing humans all over these united states. and for some reason they want us to come photograph their love. O.K. 
so each year we to add more places we've been and more new food  and love stories we've enjoyed.
what a freaking dream.