about bb



hi, friends. 

i'm just a girl. living intentionally and loving intensely. 

i met this super gorgeous irish bearded dude working at a nursing home and i fell in love with him when he got one of the very upset ladies to eat her dinner. he also made her smile and she hadn't in days. i went weak in the knees and made out with him in the coat closet. i got a bad evaluation from my teacher because i was more interested in getting a date than a good grade for class. i got that date. and we were wed seven months later. 

we quit college, paid off our debts and opened our photography company in 2012. we bought our first home in 2014. we work full time together and we kinda freaking love it. 

i like to drink all the coffee and wear floral. i also wear man sweaters and shop at goodwill. i also love dresses. because, twirling. 

i love people. i have a heart for women. i love the power and responsibility we carry. i let the Holy Spirit shape that inside of me and hope to encourage others to do the same. i believe in a better generation of women. 

i love to gather. with our people, strangers & new clients over really really good food. i love to cook, i love to go out to pubs. i love rich conversation. 

i am very passionate about marriage. and i love all things wedding. i adore being a wedding photographer. i'd love to even also be a planner. just give me all the wedding things, please. and THE FLOWERS. 

we also love clean eating. it has improved our lives very much & now i push for everyone to eat this way. *fist bumps kale lovers.* but i still really enjoy brownies. and ice cream. and brownies in ice cream. 

i love being convicted. there's so much to fight against in this world. i love feeling my heart know between good and evil, and work toward the good. and i believe in growth and bearing fruit with our lives. 

i'm all about sharing & heart. i bare my soul on this little blog because i just feel i have to. i pray to encourage and just be available for relationship. 

i binge watch parenthood. know every single line and lyric to you've got mail and i love audrey hepburn.
all of her. 

ps. gilmore girls. a friend recently told me i'm basically lorelai but less sluttly & loves Jesus. 
i feel like i've made it in life.