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About me


i'm bethany burt. 
i started a blog in 2010 when i was a newlywed-sweet-faced-wife.
i didn't have an audience and i just wrote about our joyful married life and banana bread recipes. now this little site has grown and i have been connected to some of the coolest people on the whole planet. i love what this space has done. i share about difficult things like not being able to have babies (so far. still living that journey) UPDATE : pregnant with a baby!! WHAT! so, also sharing about that, now. i share about how hard living life with chronic pain is but how i still desire to find joy. i talk about coconut oil a lot. and iced coffee. i blog about all the feelings. raw and real. worked through thoughts and emotions and sometimes messy, in-the-middle-of-the-mess words. writing helps me figure out, and connects me to other souls who are just trying to figure this life out. it's been so beautiful.

this is my place for all my passions. all my words. 
my brain and my passions are all over the place and it's a big ball of weird in here.
so if you like weird, welcome! 

i talk about my chronic illness here. i talk about how married life is for us. i cook and share recipes. i share organic and natural beauty tips here. 
i talk about yoga and fitness and my obsession with the creator of whole30.
i share people and products i believe in. 

i share my photography work and other creative outlets. sometimes i talk about our travels. i talk a lot about coffee and books. i share what i think you should buy and what music you should listen to. i talk about our journey with institutionalized church and our love of home churching. i love my life. and i love sharing my little life on this blog. things get a little spicy here. at twenty-eight, i am finally loving the skin i'm in.