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About me


i'm bethany burt. 
i started a blog in 2010 when i was a newlywed-sweet-faced-wife.
i didn't have an audience and i just wrote about our joyful married life and crying over failed banana bread baking attempts.

now this little blog has grown and i have been connected to some of the coolest people on the whole planet. i love what this space has done. thanks, internet! (i’m looking at you, instagram)

i’m an exceptionally happy wife of 9 years.
i’m a brand new mama to sweet jack truman.
i’m a little sister to two.
and a grieving daughter.
i’m not yet 30.
i live in danville, illinois where i feel called to be rooted.

i have been a full time wedding photographer since 2012 and my husband joined me full time in 2013. we get to renew our vows to each other every single weekend while we watch fresh faces promise all the beautiful and hard things to one another. we are known as the traveling burts and have been coast to coast to photograph incredible couples.

i love thrifting. i love h&m.
i drink all the coffee.
i now make killer banana bread.
i love reading and writing.