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HAPPYb. || do what you love || yarn tapestries

i found the craft my soul loves. 

i opened up a shop on IG called @happybethany_
it is a place for only happiness. 
i find and collect cool/ugly/weird/lovely clothing and also i've started to make crafts. 

these things are for joy! 
they are fun to make. 
and then they make others happy. which is so much fun for me. 

i made my first custom order for my beautiful bride m. 
and i'm taking it to her this weekend when we visit them in ky! 
oh, i can't wait. mostly because a whole weekend with our people in kentucky. 
and also, games and bourbon mules and engagement photos. 
but also so i can see their new home and help them hang this piece i made for them! 
all the joy! 

basically ethan has been trying to find me a hobby. 
for years! but i turn everything into a business. 
so this is mostly hobby. but also, we can't just keep storing it up here in our small house!
plus i'm a sharer! so i'll make and sell. make and give. make to make. 
i'm thankful for ethan. he loves watching my face light up at joann fabrics. 
he followed me around the store whipping me with a dowel rod and cracking up at me. 
he's the best freak. 

i'm busy making cute holiday mini tapestries, too! 
i'm all about the gold and green and red and white. 
i am really into gold lately. 

 i think this little number would look fantastic in the work place! 
it would spruce up your desk and you can use a command hook so you don't damage the office!

i also am making custom orders. i have a huge tote of assorted colors and i'm not afraid to use them! or mix & match them. 

it's in my blood to create. 
it's like if i don't create for a while my brain wants to explode. 
i've been very much not myself for a few months. 
not my joyful, expressive self. i hate that it was taken from me. 
everyone says i'm totally joy from the inside out movie. i'm totally honored, she was my favorite character (besides sadness who made me crack up so hard), but i really haven't felt that within myself. i'm glad people can still see her, but for me she's been a memory. 
 i've allowed lies and fear and doubt to creep in. 
it changes a bright soul into a dark scary place. 
i say things like "i don't know what to do"
and i'd spend days in that "i don't know" haze. 
but i do know. 
and saying i don't know is just an excuse to sit around
longer not doing the things that were meant for me! 
i do know. 
it just is one day at a time. 
making that effort every day to be thankful, joyful, focused. 
and just do! just do it. play my note. 
be the girl i'm supposed to be. and enjoy this life.
because it'll be gone in a blink of an eye.