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happy new year || plant some life || welcome, 2016!

i have decided that 2016 will be the year of plants. 
or, trying plants, at least. 

i love living plants in the home. 
i think it's a great idea and i have always wanted my house full of life and green and joy. 
we've got the joy part. the living people and the living cat. 
now i just need to learn the plant life!

i follow these amazing plant loving people on my IG and they inspire me so. 
they also annoy and frustrate me because i am not them. and i want to be so badly. 
i just want to make plants live and thrive and not kill them. 
is that too much to ask? 

so, i've been gifted succulents and i'm more determined? to keep them alive. 
i've been determined. but determination alone hasn't kept my plants alive. 
i've been gifted with them before and i just hold my breath because i know i'm going to kill it. 
but i have three new beautiful gift succulents from friends that i have kept alive for
WEEKS now. even a month.
and new cuttings from a jade plant and some sort of ivy situation from ethan's grandma. 
she has gorgeous plants and when we were there with family for xmas, i complimented them and asked if i can pick her brain about her plants. she immediately grabbed supplies and took me with her to the plant room to get me some cuttings of my very own. what a gift! 

i also realize that people who can just naturally grow plants really well feel like it's so easy. 
i roll my eyes a little bit because for me it isn't so easy. 
what i promise to you if you are like me is this, 
once i get really good and easy at plant life, i will share all my secrets. 
i vow it. 

so, today, join me on my bedroom floor with some craft paper and
let's pot some new year plants.  

also, i should tell you how wrong i feel about not getting organic soil.
but this is all walmart had. and i was at walmart. and i didn't want to go anywhere else, ok?

prettiest green. 

i'm assuming these plants will grow (pray for us) and then i will re pot them into a more
forever plant home for them. so i went super cheap and i love deals. 
i just hate the stickers and how they never come off. 

always coffee while i work. 

i didn't have any cute rocks. those are super cute. 
and i really liked this video. 
i might have to buy rocks. 
again, she makes it all look so flipping easy. 

this lovely pot was eight dollars. i forgot to tell you about it. 
it's really pretty. and with the whole house being painted white, i decided to go with some yellow
floral accents on this one. ethan even likes it. i didn't know what i wanted for the three succulents. and i don't even know if i can/should plant them all together?
someone needs to just do this all for me.
joking. only partially. 

favorite thing about plant life = water droplets. 
texture. color. it's so beautiful. 
i'm thinking about doing an entire succulent series with my photography. 

next, the jade plant. 
i understand these are very bad if cat ever eats them. so they will go up high and away from her. 

i have always loved this plant and again, bec i kill things, never owned them
and wouldn't dare spend my own money on them. 
these are the cuttings from e's sweet grandma. 

i watched several youtube videos on the matter and they all have different ideas
about what's best. isn't that the case with everything?
so, i experimented!

some said to just lay the leaf cutting on top of the soil. easy. done. 
some said to cut the leaf a little bit and then randomly place them in soil. done. 
some said to put the long cutting into the soil. ok. 

also, these are supposed to be never or rarely watered in the winter time. 
and in a super sunny place. ummm. it's been GREY for 12 days here.
i'm fearful that the watering thing is the hardest. ok WHEN do i water? what do i do? HELP. 

we shall see. 
i really like to pretend that i'm all cool and easy going about a lot of things. 
but i how i feel about the need for these plants to succeed, proves that i am so not. 

i really, really want these plants to work out. 
give me all the advice you have,  please. 

it's especially not cool when everyone says these are the easiest to keep alive and i still fail. 
i feel really good about my life when that happens. sarcasm. 

while taking something new on in the new year, 
i am also committed to embracing the failure. 
too often i focus on how to succeed, with the fear of failure always gripping closely to my neck. 
but trying new things helps shape a new me. and i'm excited to take that risk. 

i'm allowing things to just be. 
my new year of trying plant life more intentionally. 
my new year of embracing the things i love and not being afraid to do them. 
to live wildly. to live loudly. to be proud of our decisions and friends. 
i freak out when things don't work really quickly and really perfectly.
over the years i am finding that the experiences and the moments are what make up the whole year and those things, little and big, good and bad, failures and successes, awkward and uncomfortable. it's all a part of it. 
and i don't want to miss any of it. 
i'm going to really experience. 
really dig in. 
really risk. 
in more than just plant life. 

i want this to help my control issues. 
i literally cannot control how these plants do. 
i can do my best. 
i can learn what they need. 
i have to understand what's best by seeking out education.

see how this applies to so many areas in our life!? 

new years excite me because they are just that, NEW. 
new slate.

a new me. 
i won't be who i was last year, because i couldn't possibly be! 
time only moves forward. i cannot look back while time moves on ahead.

i was told this is an ivy. of some sort. 
totally shooting in the dark here. 
cut them, put them in soil. 
batta bing, batta boom. 

i told each one of these that i love them and that i will take care of them. 
like, i breathed it onto them because that's good for plants i think. 

i didn't even feel silly. 
also, i was home alone so that helped. 

but i also don't feel silly because i do love these plants. 
it's not silly. it's important to my heart. 
it's important to my well being to do things i love. 
i encourage you to find that for yourself and do it, too. 
it is so not silly, friend. 

i want this year to be more and more about life in my home. 
for all who enter here to feel well cared for, well fed, 
deeply loved and breathed life upon.  

this will be so much more than just this plant life
and it sure is a beautiful way to start my new year. 
dreaming of life, breathing goodness, caring and nurturing.