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mango salsa salad || bethany burt || food. love. healthy.

sometimes i just like to eat frozen pizzas every day. 
 then when thursday comes, bdubs honey bbq x's thirty. 

but for the rest of the week i'm trying to learn healthier recipes for my family. 
the struggle is real. 

i thought it would be easier to meal plan because i work from home
but mostly it's been harder because we forget to eat and run out of coffee too quickly. 
and then we stuff our faces with pounds and pounds of food at 10pm. 

that won't be cute in ten years. we're only pulling it off now because of youth. 

so healthy meals during the week attempt one : mango salsa salad or something. 
made up names. how do you even name a made up recipe? i just used words that are in the meal.

whatever you call it it is YUM. 
it's so yum. i ate so much. ethan loved it. 
i didn't even know i liked mango. 

how i made it : 

ground turkey
jar of salsa
can of black beans
can of corn
spices to taste
fresh lime juice

i browned the turkey and drained it. 
then added the corn, black beans and salsa. 
also some paprika and cayenne because that's our favorite. also pepper. 
once heated it's ready to eat so i prepared our plates with freshly washed lettuce. 
topped it with diced mango and some freshly squeezed lime juice. 
you could also add cilantro which i would totally but my husband hates it. 

also, plating food is one of my love languages apparently.  
i absolutely love presentation. 
for a family gathering i asked ethan if he thought it was stupid that i wanted to cut some limes and put them pretty around the spicy salsa dish we made? he said do whatever you want because what you do is beautiful. you guys. he's really like that. 
and the tablecloth was a gift from one of my brides. so you'll be seeing that a lot more. 
because it's perfect and she's sweet and i can't even believe she gave it to me. GAH. 

okay so enjoy!
let me know if you make this or something like this. how it goes and how you made it!