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vlog || love burt home reno

so this whole vlogging thing. 
we're not sure about it. 
also, how do you set a better thumbnail because i look cray up there. 
laugh laugh laugh. 

right before we made this video e and i had a super long conversation about whether or not this is totally stupid or at all necessary. we don't know where we stand. 
we know this world is full of ridiculousness and people getting sucked into the popular world of blogging and making much of their own lives. 
we very much do not want to fall into that. 

i love ethan for having these conversations with me. 
i'm thinking these things as well but at the same time there is something inside of me
that just HAS to get out there. of all things. the good the bad, the random. hair braids, coconut oil, home renovation to struggling with sin, adoption, foster care, infertility and discipleship. 
all of the random things that make up my brain and my heart. 
God has put this urge to share and i'm just navigating through it all. 

it's a joy to have a place to share. 
it hopefully doesn't offend anyone. this is really difficult at times. but people will be offended because i can only have my view. this is my heart out in words on a screen.
not everyone will like it. and it's not easy, actually. 
it hopefully is an honest place to read my raw heart. 
what i go through throughout the years, what we go through as a couple, etc. 
it's not always going to be pretty. and i just love that it has helped some of you. 
sharing our stories is how we build stronger hearts. we need one another. we help one another. 
also, i love that it leads to really amazing conversations via email and even in person sometimes even though states away. i love that the world can feel small and loving when hearts connect. 
and that you'd want to drive hours to have coffee. i freaking love you, girlfriend. 

i love that ethan wants to protect my heart. 
he wants to make sure we don't get ensnared with this. 
so just pray with us. that we do the right thing and that we hear the Holy Spirit clearly. 

for now, enjoy this fun, too long video of our little bedroom renovation process.