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lunch today makes me happy.  

and i am still enjoying a wee bit of milk in my coffee. iced variety because of the hot sunny days.  

lunch today is leftover chicken fajitas on a plate, no tortilla. and lettuce wedge and lemon. and lemon water. 

i feel great. my workouts are easier and i'm not as frumpy feeling.  

probably cinnamon rolls make me feel my most frumpy. but also happy. it's a battle.  

yesterday i answered emails and booked with a few awesome people and drank coffee on my bed and read some of my coffee talk book. 

i'm reading one chapter a day. it's really good. my friends mama wrote it and she sent it to me as a gift. God told her i needed it and He was right and she was good to obey that call. and now i'm blessed in my soul from it. and her! 

and at night i've started to ask God what time He wants me up in the morning so i can be with Him and start my day. i have been up before my alarm and complain for a few sleepy selfish moments and then i am so thankful i get up. it's been incredibly intimate and perfect each new day.  

then i make breakfast for me and husband. and my heart sings with gladness because i have this man to prepare food for. and then he wakes up and is so irresistibly cute. 

i've also been enjoying my one pair of jean shorts. and all the tank tops. coming into summer time always feels wrong like "i need more clothes on!" monkey hiding his eyes emoji. because i wear so many layers and love colder weather. i always have to make sure i do actually have pants on before i leave the house in the summertime. 

so far, so good. i even had a cappuccino today from mad goat and that puts me at 8g of sugar for today. 

2g bread at breakfast  

5g from coffee beverage  

1 gram from dollop of sour cream with lunch.  

nailing it!