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we were in stl for a wedding weekend and i saw an hgtv commercial. 
that adorable genevieve gorder was showing us easy ways to DIY a table. 
like, you know, in a quick afternoon. 

well, genevieve lies. 
she's cute. but she lies. 

it's not easy and it wasn't working. 
the idea was to get pallets and remove the planks, then nail them to table. 
now you have yourself a rustic cute a heck table. 

so we got the pallets from a friend. 
thank you, for free. 

then with spirits high, we went to the back deck to take apart the planks and make our table.
it was the most difficult thing ever. even for my hunky manly husband friend. 
the planks were falling apart and the nails were rusted into the pallets making it impossible to pull free. or we'd get a plank halfway off and then it would just burst. UGH. 
the frustration. 
ethan enjoyed tearing things apart and beating those pallets to death i said unladylike word and was upset my project wouldn't just work like g said on her 30 second commercial. 

so at this point i'm totally jimmy fallen voice "OVER IT"
but ethan's now determined to make me this table i want. sweet. 

so he's like what about lath? and i'm like what about lath? like, what is lath i mean? 
so we went to menards and i thought the lath was cute. problem solved! 

we bought the table for $15 at an antique shop downtown. 
the lath was $12 for a huge bundle. we now have leftover for other projects! 
the nails were $4. and gold and cute. 
and the coffee. we used old grounds that i saved.
i don't really count the coffee as an added expense for this project because we already pay for coffee anyways because coffee fuels our lives.
plus we drank the coffee and used the leftover grounds, so it was recycled coffee grounds. 
also foam brushes that were 79 cents a piece. we bought two. 

here's the progress of the table. 
the table top was this awful bored brown. 
ethan made a leaf out of more wood to just gain us a little extra table room. 
and then he did some other manly things and then i just came out to help place & nail the lath. 

i'm very thankful for him. 
i was totally just over the whole thing when it wasn't easy. 
and i didn't want to be like oh hey, i have this idea of what i want, now husband go do it. 
because i like to do things on my own. especially my random crafty ideas.
but ethan said he wouldn't mind doing it and he also likes the brownie points he gets when i'm crazy in love with a project he does for me. so it's a win win win. 

the legs on this table are to die for.
i don't even know what style this is but i'm crazy about it. 

we're not done yet. the table is currently sitting out in the sun with coffee & grounds 
covering it. those photos will come next. 

this was sunday afternoon.
it was perfectly cold, which is random for the end of may. 
we just worked a long weekend and were so exhausted. 
our Chiro is on vaca so we're desperate for an adjustment and just hurting worse
but it was incredible to be outside together in the cool breeze. 

i obviously was really extra cute with my mismatch sweats, hat and boots. 
ethan burt still complimented me. because that's what ethan burt does. 

he looks so studly. 

it also was one of those marriage win days when all is right and there's no conflict. 
just harmony. 
those are the sweetest days of all. 
best friends, laughing and working together on a little house project. 
i'm always that lame person who can't just let things be. 
i comment on everything like "aren't we having the best time!?"
"won't we remember this forever! the day we made our own little lath table and it was the cutest ever and it made our house home for 20 years?"
i'm so not cool. 
any time i think i'm getting cool, ethan reminds me of the lameness that is deep within me.
it's OK. we all have our gifts. coolness is just not one of mine.  

so i'm not getting that super cute hgtv diy pallet table, 
but what i am getting is so so much better. 




the wood is so beautiful! 


i love the hard work ethan puts into projects for me/us. 
i love the joy i feel in creating. i just had so much fun placing the lath in exactly the order i thought it should go. it's like i can FEEL which way each piece should be. it's not silly at all. it's just real. 
it's my place. it's my gift. God created this crazy creating person in me and when it is let out, the joy the fills my soul! i'm so thankful for this project. and what it will mean to have in our home. 
we built this together. we didn't fight. which is like extra cool points. and i was able to use my creative heart. and my husband encourages that part of me so much. i feel free. loved. and perfectly me.