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DIY coffee stained kitchen table || finished product || love burt living || coffee coffee coffee

our table is DONE. and it's GORGEOUS. 

i know you've been waiting to see the rest of the process! 

we made this table together, and i talked about it here

it was crazy cold for june. which i was really happy about. 
perfect timing to do an outside project. 

now the heat is slowly killing me and stealing my joy. 
so that's why i'm just now getting to the final reveal of the most perfect table ever. 
forgive me. it's also busy season. 
busy shooting weddings & engagements and then having migraines during the week. 
i don't know why we still live in illinois. 

the coffee table project : 

ethan is so sweet and he made a burn design on the lath that he cut. 
just for a cute extra little detail for me. 
because, LOVE. 


the most fun part then was the whole throwing coffee all over the table part. 

first we started off nice, like oh let's neatly lay some coffee stain water on the table. 
but that was very boring. 
see : 

not doing it for me. 

so i just starting piling the coffee and grounds on the table. 



we made two more giant brews of coffee. and threw it all over the table. 
and let it sit for a few hours to dry and really set in. 
we knew how we wanted it to look and we just kept applying until we got it! 

we laid certain chunks of grounds and heavy coffee water into random spots 
to give it an imperfect look and stain in weird ways. 
totally uneven and messy. 

ethan then used an air compressor to blow all the stuff away. 
then we applied again. 
we did this three times and over like three days. 

it felt like it took forever but it wasn't an unpleasant journey at all. 

working alongside this stud makes up for a lot of things. 

then all of a sudden it went from light wood lath and grounds covering it to THIS. 
then ethan sealed it with polyurethane.
he did three coats and i think sanded in between? 
i don't know. i lost interest at this point but he was determined to do it right, so he did this part.
and it had to dry for like 48 hours before i could use it! 
then we went out of town for work. 
so when we came home and it was ready for me, i just smiled so big. 

we brought it in the house and i immediately grabbed my leftover coffee
and some apples in bowl. 

and took this : 


it's just so freaking cool. 
random stains. 
rich, intense looking wood.
cool tiny nails. 
totally rough and imperfect. 
something our hands made together. 
my idea of perfect. 
joy in my soul! 

i wish it smelled like coffee, tho. 
my friend n.cole is determined to smell it when she comes over next. 
i fear she will be disappointed. 

i asked ethan at the beginning of this if it was weird that i wanted to create a table 
pretty much just to take lovely photos on/with and to enjoy it's awesomeness. 
he said not weird at all. and i love him for that. 

breakfast & coffee photograph : 

my happy place is creating and photographing. 
and then eating my work. 
because, PANCAKES.