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a sunday away || love burt living || becoming beautiful memories

i love ethan burt's love for me. it's simple. and so pure. he is wild with his pursuit of me. 

i am thinking about the little things that make up our memories. our life together. 
this has been my life for seven wonderful years. simple surprises. in fact, it's mostly the same surprise each time. it is nothing fancy. and yet it's still delightfully surprising. and wonderfully new each time. he is my most wonderful surprise. 

all it is is reading or writing. walking together in the frigid cold. grabbing a coffee and sitting together. taking notes. journaling burtco ideas. sharing what we've read lately. discussing heart changes and what to expect next. how to help one another through the next significant heart change. reading current happenings. eating a wonderful meal. refilling the coffee. talking to strangers. the littlest delights. filling up an entire day. 

the best moments of my life are little little moments. the table this little laptop is sitting on is so charming. it looks like barn wood. i wonder where it was before it was here as a table in this darling coffee shop full of wandering people. what kind of life it had then. i appreciate what it is now. today. today it is my table top for a little while. something beautiful to see. 

i listen to ethan's voice quietly reading out loud to himself next to me. filling his mind and heart with brilliant words that will change him for the better. every once and a while we reach over to touch hands and share a glance. he's incredibly handsome today. dark, deeply joyful eyes. trimmed beard. black jacket. good butt jeans. 

year over year. magnificent life. 

emma stone and ryan gosling in this new musical. pictured below on the charming barn wood table. i can't wait to see it. i love musicals. ethan will see it with me because he enjoys new things and branches out to see things he isn't normally fond of; musicals. we will probably redbox it. because we have very high standards for what movies we will pay to see in theaters. 

emma stone and ryan gosling aren't particularly important to me. sure i pride myself on my celebrity trivia knowledge but it's become less and less important recently. i like them a lot together so i am thrilled to see them perform again. 

but i know today, early on i can tell, that this newspaper will be a memory of mine. attached to the memories of this day. i remember certain hotel stays for work by the colors used at the wedding we photographed or the episode of diners, drive-ins and dives we watched, or the shape of the mugs in the restaurant ethan found in a random little city we stayed in. 
so today, this newspaper. the fun colors. the way it was sitting on a cute brown wicker basket. on the top of a very messy piles of magazines and newspapers. how i love messy piles. how i reached down to pick it up because it caught my eye while ethan was ordering our coffees.
her yellow dress. their shoes. his relaxed tie. the lights bokehed in the backround. what fun, i thought. to create a movie. it was a sunday. it was the day that ethan surprised me with a day off. a day away. we ran in the icy snow. it made the loudest crunch under our feet. ethan said he had never seen grass so white. completely covered in snow and ice. we ran like mad and laughed our heads off, back to the warmth of our vehicle. the icy cold noses and warm lips kiss. thankful for returning to the heat. 

the joy of becoming. the joy of experiencing a day.
the unknown unraveling to the known as the hours tick by. 
another day with him.