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this spring has been rough for my health and for business. 
i take a lot of stress upon myself when the weather sort of starts to get nice because that's when business picks up again. people are happy, wanting to be outside, and ready to work with us. 
but the problem is, this spring has been a disaster. weather just cannot get it together. and so we have to schedule and reschedule and it's stupid and i worry way too much. 

the tree right outside my office window is just now starting to turn green and bud. 
the magnolias have come and gone but the rest is still brown and ugly. it's hard to make people happy with pretty photos when everything still looks like winter. but i'm learning to just embrace what is instead of wish it to be something else. maybe spring just needed this time. maybe it was for me to just learn some patience. maybe it was for me to grow in confidence and realize that i cannot help the weather and it's not my job and that is OK. and rescheduling because of dumb winter like weather and random sinus infections during spring isn't my fault. and it's helpful to my soul. healing. a part of a growing process for me. instead of being mad at the trees, i'm learning from them. sometimes being busy isn't the most important thing in the world. sometimes staying home and resting up and not over booking to try and make everyone happy and not feeling guilty about it is just what a soul needs. 

i'm still under the weather but i'm well enough to be up and out of bed so naturally all the worries and cares of the world are back on my shoulders. i can't stand my own brain sometimes. 
so i'm making myself take it easy. sort of. and today i'm working on a little office project. 
remember when we bought this giant map and thought it would be so cute to take a traveling burt photo before our big road trip? but then it was sixteen degrees outside and the marker barely showed up and the map was so huge we could hardly hold it up for a cute photo? that was fun. well, now that map will decorate my office.

i looked up a bunch of ideas on how to hang this and they were either costly or just too much work. so i kinda made this up a bit. with ethan's help. so here's what i did : 

kraft paper
white tape

that's it. and then i just taped it up and did a weird job of it and it's totally wonky.
but it's done and it's totally perfectly imperfect. so it fits well in my home.  

also, it's laminated so we can write on it! make plans for travel. map out our wedding season and the states we'll get to visit this wedding season! learn all the state capitols. because all i know is the fifty states in rhyme and it's getting old at dinner parties. and think of all the coffee dates that will be had in all the states. yes! 

cat was no help on this project whatsoever. she is adorable and good for nothing.