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i love lunch. 

i've been trying to be a better adult and plan meals out. healthy meals. and prepare them ahead of time so i don't have to think about it each day. also, i'm trying to eat salads every day. 

probably my favorite lunch ever is a chicken caesar salad. 

i buy packs of romaine lettuce and some days i leave them in long leaves on a plate and kinda use it as a wrap. or i cut it up in to pieces and make it into a salad. today i did that. 

i make lots of chicken at once. we like spicy chicken and use it for fajitas and tacos. and then salads! so today all i did was cut up the lettuce, add the chicken (spiced with cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, paprika, garlic salt and pepper) one tablespoon of dressing and then i squeezed a whole lemon in there, too. the lemon makes it taste SO CRAZY FRESH. AHH, FRESH. it also helps the dressing go farther. the serving size is two tablespoons but i can get away with just one. then i put a plate on top of the bowl and give it a good shake and wiggle. super professional at salads.
and so yum. 

this makes my lunch super easy. i am busy working and i can't just keep eating pizzas because they're delicious and easy. during the week i work on my bum. too many years of that and i'll be really sorry. so making these light and easy salads for lunch really works nicely. also getting up every hour to stretch or walk around helps my body from getting too achy! 

also, this lunch is very pretty. which is just a bonus because i like pretty food and presentation.