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a few things have happened recently that made me get my groove back with personal photography. i want to share those with you and show you our happy romantic coffee date from yesterday.

an online babe friend amber of honeybee photography does an inspirational job of taking every day life photos. she just does her thing, every day. i've missed that in my life. and it's taken me a year of watching her do that to finally get back to it myself. she now takes incredible photos for people, too, which i think is such a gift to this world. i have had the honor of watching her grow her company from the ground up. i have had a front row seat because she's invited me in. she's asked me questions about this business we call photography and i have happily told her everything i know, plus then watched her go above and beyond, put my work to shame and spur me on in my own creative work. this is the best motivation. it's not competition, for one she lives in texas, but it's that rubbing shoulders with someone in the same craft that gets me moving again. i haven't had that in probably three years. thanks, amber. you know i adore you and your family. also, can't wait to meet and take photos for each other. DIE OF HAPPINESS. 

hammerhead coffee in urbana, il
we are obsessed with coffee as you already know. but we are also obsessed with excellent service with kindness and smiles as well as a gorgeous atmosphere. hh has this going strong.
and amazing coffee. which is an obvious must. 
we are just so impressed with their happy workers and we've started telling them that. which then lead to us getting to know them and share in our passions. one of which happens to be photographing coffee. we clicked with an awesome dude named corey, and we've encouraged them that their social media (which is a group effort and is so great) is in excellent shape. seriously, go check them out on insta. watching them photograph the coffee and serve the coffee and enjoy the pretty atmosphere has been so encouraging and inspirational to me. 

ethan burt.
poor fella, it always takes one or two more people/things/happenings for me to finally listen to him. he's patient and deserves medals. he found our old "nifty fifty" lens and cleaned it up for me.
since i'm a smancy wedding photographer and have expensive lenses (gag myself) i stopped using the fifty mm lens but that used to be my favorite, especially for every day life. ethan suggested i use it and bring it along to "just shoot again." bless him. we had such a fun day. with me off of the phone and just experiencing. taking photos but not able to post and talk about immediately, and enjoying setting up our little date perfectly on the table with the best light. ethan's face all relaxed and happy to see me doing what i love. freely. sweetest emotions. back to life. we drank the coffee, read for a bit, had a meeting with a new couple, went to dinner together and then to rehearsal to meet all the people for this weekend's wedding. this life is fast, right now it's weekend-packed. it's too-hot-summer. it's our life, every day. i can't believe i forgot my love of capturing it. more slowly. not instantly. it's healing to take time to load, carefully and creatively edit to my liking, and then share or don't share.

who am i kidding? i'll share.

i'll date you forever, ethan burt. 
just keep pouring that coffee.