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2019 goals

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2019 GOALS • 

write. like, take myself more seriously as a writer. enjoy the journey of writing and putting it all down.

become a serious plant lady. i want shelves in every room of the house to be covered in plants. i love plant life in the home and i am finally better at not killing everything!

be a good friend. anticipate friend’s needs. i want to be present with my few. create the lasting, intimate relationships with the few that are missing from my life because i’m busy trying to keep too many people happy with my presence.

hear ethan. i want my husband’s wise voice to be more prominent in my ears and heart. i want to respect him and trust him. i want to keep my word to him and the decisions we make together and not waiver. i love his voice. he has proven himself worthy time and time again. i desire to listen closely and honor him.

rock mama life for my sweet boy. jack truman is the greatest little son i could’ve ever asked for. i want to enjoy him and make him feel my deep love for him by the way i behave and react to all his needs as he grows.

eat more salad. add new variety to our plates. learn more about organic foods, going back to the beginning of time and learning about how God intended us to eat and care for our bodies that are created in His image and are a temple.

join beach body and actually do it daily. i’m super stoked to have something to do at home. i’m just not a go to a gym type of person. i think gym’s are awesome and seriously admire people who commit but know myself too well. being in chronic pain makes it hard to get out and go to the gym where i don’t know how i’ll react to a work out and might not be able to get myself back home. it’s hard for me and embarrassing and i don’t like being a burden and needing help while i’m out and about. so i like doing work outs at home and an instagram friend turned me on to the idea of beach body at home! plus my fitness cousin/friend does it, too, so that helped me make my decision. and ethan was down with the price and idea of me doing it so, joining!
it’s not about size or numbers for me. it’s about how i feel. and i like to feel strong and capable and in control of my body. i love yoga for this as well.

talk more about marriage. ethan and i started a “the burts talk marriage” but we’ve let it slack because we are tired and new parents. but we hope to make this a priority this year and just talk about all things marriage!

visit my siblings & family more. since my parents have passed, our aunts and uncles have really stepped up and into our lives even more than they already were. i hope to allow jack some time with them throughout the year. it’s not always easy to plan for one holiday visit because of sickness. but it is nice to plan things throughout the year where the family can gather. also, my siblings and their kiddos. i want to be involved and have jack around them as well. on both sides! ethan’s got siblings and their kiddo’s too. we want to BE family and see family and grow together. this is a huge prayer of mine this year.

buy a van. seriously cannot wait to take that basic picture of us by our new family vehicle.

mail/hand out hand written letters to friends and strangers. this is an art form, i believe. and also my gifting. God puts people on my heart and i just LOVE answering that nudge with ink to paper and a stamp and off to the post. it’s so special to be thought of and i love the idea of sending out love to people just because.

book enough weddings to pay our bills. we are thankful every year that this happens! so, just praying for this again for 2019. we love our job and are amazed that photography pays the bills.

save up for a new home. we hope to fill our home with foster kids. maybe have more of our own, and adopt as well. we live in a two bedroom, one bathroom. and i intend to use this space well and not complain. but we would like to save up for a new home for possibly 2020. danville has such beautiful homes and i am thankful the Lord has called us here.

bleach my bathtub. i’ve lived in this home for five years and never fully cleaned my bathtub that i really am grossed out by. so, this one just needs to be on the list. ha!

read my bible daily. if i don’t crave the word of God, there’s a problem in my soul.

start up @happybethany_ again because it’s missing from my life and brings me joy. this, this, this. i am stoked for this! stay tuned for this! thrift, shop, take cute photos, inspire, sell, repeat.

learn more about coffee. ethan and i have big dreams that involve our favorite beverage. we’d like to seriously learn more about this!

don’t buy anything unnecessary. less is really really more. i just want to buy plants and nothing else for a whole year. nothing unnecessary. we don’t need much at all. we have a lot. i just want to be wise with what is a want and what is a need. especially since i have a child to train up.

learn more about my community and how we can be of service. ethan and i finally (after eight loooooong years) have decided how we will do christmas in our home. we made the decision on dember 26th of this year. we will buy and wrap a new book for each other to open on christmas eve, and probably a new book or books for the kid/kids and our family library. new christmas jammies to also open on christmas eve. we’ll stay in, cook, bake, movies, and family cuddling. and then on christmas day we will serve. we will find the needs and fill them, as a family, together, every christmas. we want to be out, not stay in in our own little blessings. we want to get out and bless and be blessed by the souls we are called to be surrounded by here in our little midwest town.

• just to name a few! share your goals with me! happy new year’s eve