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saying yes | something new is coming | at home with bb

God put something on my heart before i knew about this sweet baby blessing. it would make sense to take a season of rest since a baby is coming. but i am so excited that i get to be on mission for the Kingdom AND add a new baby love to our lives for the first time. and i am just bursting with joy and anticipation at the things to come. i felt like God was calling me to begin something. 

it started out with me just needing to say yes. but in a new way. yes before i knew what it was for. and just a readiness to get to work as soon as He was clear on the plan or direction. i had no idea the things He would have in store yet for this coming year but i just said yes and waited. i felt so great knowing something was coming and just praying and devoting time to the wait. all the while i was getting to experience my first baby living inside my womb. all the growth, kicks, sweetness of life. another kind of waiting and another kind of mystery and unknowing. but devoting my all to trusting Him. it's been a beautiful season for my soul. 

the first thing that happened was that i was asked to speak on marriage at a women's conference close-ish to home. it was a magical experience! and God was very present and i can't wait to share more about that. i will be making my talk into a four part marriage series here on my blog soon. maybe middle of the night baby feeding and snuggling time will allow for some time to make that happen!

and the next thing that happened was something i've been dreaming about for a little over a year. that has just started coming into clear view within the last few days. it's so fresh and it's so exciting to share bits and pieces here while it all unfolds. i don't want to wait until it's all ironed out or a smooth sailing, figured out thing. i want to remember all the nervousness but pure joy of the beginning of something new. 

this new thing has to do with sabbath rest, yoga and meditation, overall fitness and body health, retreating with a group of women into the woods, being in nature, worshiping our God together, teaching and leading, and a new made-up ministry with someone else that God put on my heart VERY CLEARLY. as soon as i suggested it to her JUST DAYS AGO she was IN. i knew God was working on us both, preparing us separately for this. all of the things i said to her God had been whispering to her heart as well. it is SO cool this bond of sisterhood between us and i am so ready to begin a new work and devote time and energy into building something to bring God glory and to be for our good and the good of those around us. 

it's funny to me but also makes sense that i would be gearing up for something new and hard right when i'm about due with a child. which will also be new and hard. i know my baby will need me and you all know just how deeply i've wanted this baby. so i know it will be a new type of balancing act and it won't always be easy. but i'm committed to bringing the raw and real here. so i can process it myself and so you can hopefully be encouraged while i share honestly and just do my thing openly. i hope it gives you the encouragement to do your thing, in your place! and to just say yes when you need to and not be afraid! and take a step back with a no-season when you feel like you need a rest. and to pursue Jesus with all your heart and to enjoy the abundant life that comes from doing so!