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-- MUCH GOOD HAPPENS IN THE SPACE WHERE NOTHING IS HAPPENING. -- christa wells, singer/songwriter

i spent a lovely season in waiting. 
i have been through a few seasons of waiting throughout my twenties but this is my first joy-filled waiting season. so i wanted to share a rich encouragement with my blog people (that's you! hi!) that there is joy to be found in waiting. in space. as the quote above says, much good happens in the SPACE. i have finally found this to be true. it took years of conditioning. and of hard lessons of kicking and screaming through seasons of waiting for me to GIVE UP control and to LET GO of what i thought and just enjoy what is, and let the mystery unfold as God sees fit to reveal whatever He has in mind for me. his beloved. 

from her brilliant book a million little ways, emily p. freeman shares : 

"each breath of this life is a mystery. but i don't have time for mystery. i want to solve it, define it, list it, explain it, dissect it, graph it, label it, and put it on my running ticker at the bottom of my screen so i can read it while i fold the towels. i need to make the most of my time, you know. in my flesh, and in my fear, i need to prevent the mystery.
when i do that, i may hold on to my illusion of control, but i simultaneously let go of the art. 

God does things differently. he said, let there be light, but then he waited a full day before he spoke again. and on the last day, he rested. he built waiting into creation. from the incarnation to the resurrection, divine creativity begins and ends with waiting. 

God ushers in the mystery with a bright star and a host of angels. he gives mystery a name, said Christ in you is the mystery, and he invites us into a life of wonder. he has made the mystery known, but it has to be revealed. revelation takes time, surrender, brokenness, and smallness" 


i'm a movement kind of girl. i like fast paced, newness, ever-changing plans and new ideas. 
so waiting used to be so scary for me. too much sitting around felt like a waste of time. but now i truly sit, waiting with purpose, and the Lord meets me and whispers plans to me in the middle of the night. some will happen now and some i may not even see but am told to work toward. slower than i like. like our heroes of the old testament. they didn't always get to find out what it all meant but they knew who it was for and that was enough. sitting or walking, moving or waiting, it can all be done to His glory and for our good if we let it.  

i don't know if you're in a season of waiting and you're hurting. you're confused and upset and just don't understand WHY and WHAT this is all for. maybe you're out of a season of waiting and you're wanting some space and rest. keep going strong, sister. a season of waiting and resting will come soon, or i can pray that you find that you need to make a new season happen because you are burnt out on doing too much. you have permission to make space in your life. 

maybe look for what is there in the space. while you continue the wait. whatever your wait is right now, there is something good to be found in the space between.