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currently sitting on my bed enjoying the second best cup of coffee of the day. 

currently enjoying my new to me pillow sham that cost me 1 dollar at goodwill. i got two for a dollar and i'm in love. i asked ethan if he liked it. he said no. i said but you love my 70's hair and this pillow style is 70's. his response was not everything from the 70's should come back. 

also, currently enjoying my newest pair of jamma pants. they are from old navy. 
i understand they are not one of my 7 but it's still a wee cold in the house and i don't want to sleep in jeans. so i wear this pair of pants to bed. they are the best and they tighten up at the ankles like i've always wanted. 

i'm currently rocking out 7. it's not even that hard. i have basically just worn the jeans and coffee tank except for the fact that for our cousin's wedding yesterday i tried to wear heels and ethan called me out. to which i had a full on tantrum that ended in me throwing the heels off my feet and at the corner of the shoe area in the front of the house.
real mature, guys. 
i apologized to ethan and felt like a real piece. i promise.
and i wore flats that did not match my dress. so, there. 7 approved. 

currently playing the DC deck building game like every day or every other with ethan. 
i'm about ready to go pro. when i can beat ethan, i feel really accomplished.
and i just beat him by ONE POINT today. GUYS! victory is sweet.

currently reading so many books. 
ayn rand - the fountainhead. 
i read this out loud with ethan. it's been a real treat. 
it is way less cheesy and a lot more fun to read books out loud with your spouse than i ever thought possible. 

john stott - the radical disciple. 
so simple. so true. so stunning. so easy. i just keep reading it. 

n.t. wright - matthew (together with ethan) and james,peter,john&judah on my own. 
we have the entire new testament. so we'll be camping out with n.t for a while! we lurve him. 
we cannot get through reading n.t without crying. i want to give him our money. 

scot mcknight - king jesus gospel
this book. is. rocking my world. 
ethan read it and loved it and requires it as a life reading for all peoples. so i'm on chapter 3. 

jen hatmaker - 7.
but not really. experiencing it and not rereading it. 
experiencing it is way way cool. and challenging. 

and savor by shauna niequist. daily devotional. girl rocks. 

currently meeting new friends and loving it. 

currently feeling really encouraged and empowered to do what i'm supposed to do. 
God is so good. 

cat has been very cute lately. that is no surprise. 

i am now positive that i believe in pedicures. 
especially when my mama pays for them. 
i've had the same adorable red toes for two months. that is freaking neat. 

currently counting down the days til CHICAGO!! 
c & d & i are going to the rooted conference. and i'm like WHAT WHAT. 
ethan got us a great deal on a hotel because he's a wizard. we girls are going to date and eat the food and be girl friends and learn a lot and meet jen hatmaker and become best friends. obviously. 
and i cannot wait. a full weekend away with just my two closest. that will be such a delight. 
it's never happened. i feel like it will be grand. 

currently loving the emails and blog messages and IG posts from people. 
either just saying hello, new friend, asking a question, wanting to get to know each other better, wanting marriage advice, or business advice, or photography advice. it's helping me dig deeper to have the correct answers. and it's so great to have something to offer. 
it's so so fun to connect with people. 

i jammed my middle finger on my married hand. 
i have no idea how in the world i did that. i just woke up with a swollen middle finger and it hurts mega bad news. i had to take advil and suck it up. but i'm not doing a great job. 
so we got a finger splint? and that's helping. but then i take it off and forget and try to pop my knuckles. OOPS. oy vey. 
and i had to take my wedding ring off. which i never do ever. not even for dishes or lotion or anything other reason most girls take theirs off. i haven't had mine off for longer than 2 minutes in 5 years. so this is weird. i think it will probably be OK tho. 

one more - currently LOVING ethan burt's long hair. hubba. 
also, i almost forgot his middle name the other day because a friend asked and i always just call him "ethan burt" so i was like.. idunno. oh, patrick. there it is.