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this perfect sunday morning || joyful married life || love burt living || also, church and danville and coffee.

i positively absolutely one hundred million perfect love married life with ethan burt. 

this morning was perfect. 

i woke up to a lovely day. beautiful sunshine. 
and a handsome sleepy sloth ethan. 

he hasn't been feeling the best so i let him sleep. 
he's so adorable and ugh. i could just eat his face in the morning. 

so i made coffee to go and i headed out the door. 

i love church. 
the worship was incredible and i lifted my hands in praise. 
i held my hands to my heart to sing to God. 
i love worshipping as a family of God. 

then today's first sermon on the new series about Amazing Grace was preached. 
everyone cried. i'm sure. 
we could not stop ourselves and neither could our pastor as he preached. 
because God's amazing grace is what it's all about. and it stirs up our souls and it moves us. 
and it's to be cried about. often. 

i couldn't wait to come home and tell ethan all about it. 
so i did just that. 
he was bummed he missed because while i was gone he woke up and remembered today was the start to the new series and he didn't want to miss. 
but don't worry, i re-preached the whole thing at the table over coffee. 
and i couldn't help but just sing one of my favorite songs that we sang this morning over and over again while making more coffee and eggs for brunch. 

talking with ethan at our kitchen table. 
oh the joy that fills my soul! 

this togetherness of loving Christ is the foundation of our married love. 
communicating together and being best friends. and knowing each other's hearts fully. 
i feel like my little heart just can't even take it and will actually burst out of my chest any second.

i love seeing ethan's married hand (all of him is married i just love seeing the wedding ring hand)
on his cup of coffee as he stares into my eyes while i speak from my heart. 
he loves my voice and he just has these little smirks that i know the heart of while i speak that make me melt. MELT. TO PIECES. PEOPLE. 

we're so encouraged and filled up. 
each and every day. 
this new life that springs forth because of what Christ did on the cross for us. 


every decision. 
every hope. 
every desire. 
every breath. 

it's glorious. 

God is so good. 
marriage is so sweet. 
Danville has our hearts. 

sharing moment. 
some stuff i do keep private, even though i am a sharer. 
and this feels really private but i feel like i have to write it. 
it is a private moment of talking with ethan on our walk yesterday. 

keeping in mind that we understand God could call us anywhere any time
He wants and we will listen, 

on our walk yesterday. 
hand in hand. 
and coffee in my other hand. 
heart to heart. 

b :"will we be in danville forever?"
e : "yes"
simple. firm. sure. and sweet. yes. 
b : "really!!?"
e: "that pleases you?" 
b: "it pleases me of your sureness of what God wants of us."

it does. 
i am sure of ethan because i am sure of his love for God. 
i trust ethan because i trust his relationship with God. 
i trust God because His promises are true and i am thankful for his guidance in our lives. 

i am so thankful for a husband who listens to the Lord. 
and who moves and stays when he's told. 
 he leads our household well. 
because he loves Jesus with all his heart. 

marriage is a gift. 
and i am blessed with such a beautiful life of marriage to my ethan.
what a joy that he picked me for his bride! 

 golly. all the happy wrinkly faces. 

golly. all the happy wrinkly faces. 

 and my flynn rider and his smolder. GOSH. 

and my flynn rider and his smolder. GOSH.