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7 || month two : clothes || bethany burt || fasting || less is more || more Jesus please

food month is over. 

so we're eating all the food again and now it's time to only wear 7 clothes. 
minus the unders. 

these are my 7. 

we are on day 4. 
i thought this was so easy at first and i was pretty convinced that it was already day 7. 
turns out it's been four days. 
so there's that. 

things i'm already realizing : 

1. i only picked two shirts. 
2. i'm already stupid mad that i only picked two shirts. 
also, 3. i need a sweater because i'm always cold. 
and i picked the wrong sweater. 
4. i didn't included jam's or sweatshirts to wear around the house. 
can i even wear socks? does that count as underclothes? 
oy vey. 
already kinda failing but i'm just going to stay positive and commit to 
these 7 and try not to over do it with the pj's and sweatshirts. 
i'm doing blankets at the house because it's still cold out, guys. 
and then i'm wearing the same pj's each night. 

ethan is not doing this one with me because he already only wears like 4 things. 
so he's good. 
and he's already being very helpful to me. 

"hey, um. can i wear this instead tho?"
"no. you cannot." 


so let me explain my seven. 

it took me a long time and i was very silly obsessed with what my choices would be. 
because it's difficult! 

i'm a professional who somewhat some of the time dresses like it. 
so i'm like how many weddings do we have coming up?
so, black dress explained. 
then i'm like it's still cold so shorts will need leggings. 
explains green shorts and floral leggings. 
then the jeans. 
and now to the shirts. 
coffee tank.
grey tee. 
okay. so the coffee tank i also wear a cami under it because i'm not a floozy. 
and the grey tee is so freaking comfortable and feels like jammies. 
but then if i wear the grey tee and i'm cold, the grey sweater looks bad. oy vey. 
but it looks great with the coffee tank. so that's fine. 

so after i finally got my 7 picked, i posted this photograph on IG. 
and then chelsea's like "you're not going to wear shoes?"
she is snotty and ruins everything. 

UM. CRAP. 7 total including shoes!?
no. i decided that was stupid and i'm allowing 1 pair flats and 1 pair boots depending on weather. 
that's it. 
i've read the book people. and i'm still so lazy i haven't even checked to refresh about it all. 
it's OK. 

so day 4. 
i haven't even worn the leggings or shorts. 
so really i could probably wear jeans for 14 days. 
(we switched from one month to two weeks. group decision and i didn't argue)
and i should've done another shirt. 
because now both my shirts are in the wash because i'm lazy and so i'm currently wearing a tank that isn't 7 approved until the dryer buzzes. 
it's been COLD still. so i'm like what the heck. 
i have new jean shorts from target and a romper from old navy. 
i look at the romper every day and will wear it on day 15. glory! 

so far this has not been super difficult. 
the people i'm around don't really care what i wear. 
and i will promise to go through all our clothes and get rid of things. 
i already know i am taking the bags of clothes to foster's closet in danville. 
and i will pray over the clothes to bless the kids/families who may need them. 
and i'll also try to bring some kids home to foster. 
(i know that's not how it works)

so far this one is my favorite.
i knew it would be, i was looking forward to this one the most. 
you know how i felt about the food month. 

clothes have been a problem for me my whole life. 
my parents provided for us but i was always jealous when my friends would get EIGHT new pairs of silver jeans for christmas and i got a bible or something. christians. 
jokes. mostly. 
but really, i have always loved getting and getting and getting. 
who doesn't, right?
but as an adult, marrying the amazing man i married, and finally listening to the convictions the HG was placing on me, i realized just how terrible my obsession was. 
it was (is) an idol. 

and so, my heart is open and i am ready to receive what God has for me these next two weeks. 
i know He will reveal more ugliness in my heart that is separating me from Him. 

as i seek worldly cuteness and more clothes, i am further and further away from delighting myself fully in my Savior. i am missing out. so as i wear only 7 pieces of clothing, i pray that i will replace my old habits and thoughts about appearance and more adorable floral prints, with new thoughts of my gracious heavenly Father and the beauty He has planned for my life and relationship with Him.