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oh ethan burt. 

i'll go with you to all the places. 

or i'll stay home with you and be boring. 

i'll make you tacos. and enchiladas. 
and banana bread. 
because you like those foods a lot. 

and i'll smell your face and kiss you really good each and every day. 

i'll jump for joy when you surprise me with dates. 
i'll jump for joy just when you come home and smile at me. 

i'll do all of this life with you. 
the good and the bad. 
the sorrow and the good news. 

i'm thankful for you and i'm crazy about you. 

you're kind and funny. 
your long hair is just PRETTY GREAT.  
plus the beard. always. 

you promised me in 2009 that this is how our married life would be. 
i almost couldn't believe it. 
i took your hand anyways. 
and here we are in 2015 and it's even sweeter than you promised. 

we have these new adventures that are so exciting and uncertain and thrilling. 
and we have this beautiful foundation that gets stronger and stronger each year that passes.
it's the greatest gift i'll have in my life, being your wife. 

your eyes late at night are my absolute favorite. 

and you wear that vest very well. 

thanks for being married to me.