geeking out

 i can't get enough of her lovely face. she's so classy. featured here in my wedding veil :)
 love black and whites. seriously that face. that veil. so yummy
so my love for photography started a lot time ago when i found out i was awesome behind a camera. (did i tell you modesty is one of my best qualities?!) well then i worked for a few professional photographers and a model and then assistant to photographer and then second photographer. now, i am ready to do this on my own! or so i pray i am. my handsome irish man surprised me with a canon and a few lenses i had my eye on. i. was. thrilled. and so surprised! we discussed months or years from now. not today! so i am just giddy. i took my friend kadie out and we spent the day riding around and getting rained on to get some gorgeous shots for me to practice with. she's GORG. here's a few shots from today. give her some love!