Susie Home Maker

I have been a homebody for 5 months now due to a neck/head injury that has caused me to have intense pain every day. I had to quit my job and seek professional help.. again. My husband has been so great through all of this and being patient with me not having a job and driving him nuts when he gets home from work - needing his attention! What? He's home? A human to talk to!

Well I've been looking for something to fill my time. I want God to use me but I feel unusable while at home until I talked with a friend who makes her own bread! I have a lot of food allergies as well as the injury that cause migraines so my husband and I have also changed our diets.. a completely different lifestyle than I'm used to and the ingredients in this bread all passed the test! So, I've started making bread.

Oh, did I mention I also have a love for photography and my man just surprised me with my own Canon and some fancy lenses?! Well, that happened, which is awesome-sauce. So, this blog will be about my life, my Jesus, my photography, my cooking/baking, my failing at cooking/baking and photography. ENJOY!