sweet nothings.

 sweet little hands.
my sister in law and i went for a walk today with her beautiful daughter kamie and we took some photos along the way! how fun!
i was thinking today about babies. how cute they are and how when clean, they smell fantastic. i have no babies of my own yet but i sure do love to be around my nieces and nephews. i love their hands. i love their minds. i love the way they think and process things. i enjoy watching them grow.

i find myself as i age realizing that i'm not the busy type. i am the "enjoys the little things" kinda girl. i am thankful for God's creations. the way He created all of this for us to enjoy, see, share, and so on. and this is only our first life. i can't imagine how glorious and beautiful Heaven will be. especially the singing. singing His praises. i literally cannot wait to be singing for eternity.