Last Weekend

last weekend we traveled to carbondale illinois to watch my freshmen college roommate graduate with her bachelors in social work. i am so proud of her! i am so blessed to still know her and call her my friend. i haven't been back to visit in 4 years. i went for one semester and then came home. i was homesick which makes me sick to think i allowed myself to let that influence me, and i also decided i didn't want to work in the field i was going for (dental hygiene) so i packed up after a few short months and moved home. 4 years later i am still great friends with some crazy awesome people i got involved with at a church there close to the college. everyone loved husband (which i knew they would,  how could they not!) and we had a really nice time. we even ran into husband's boss and his wife because their daughter was graduating that day too (a girl i went to high school with as well, small world)

we sat by boss man and his lady :) 

she did it!!! so proud of her. i miss living with her. we were crazy. mostly she was crazy and i was boring but i still love her and us together. 

the three of us! 

husband got ahold of the camera. 

our toesies 

this guy.