this is where i share my whole soul. i write about my struggles. my joys. my amazing life with my handsome husband. our photography company. our cat. wedding seasons. our travels. community. beer and coffee dates. probably lots about pizza, too. i believe that life is worth living. and sharing my story connects me to beautiful souls. i feel like i grow into a better human when i write and read stories. we all have something amazing to share with the world. this is my life in pink. 

nights like these.. reminiscing

i love this weather. well, the weather we had today, tomorrow may very well be a different story.

it was 68 degrees all day and tonight there is a sweet chill.
husband and i are moving so today after finally getting some antibiotics for my darn tooth pain, i did laundry and started huddling things in the living room for us to move to the other house.

moving is not fun.
being newly moved in is so fun.

being outside today was so wonderful. at the doctor's office my MOA Janet was so sweet. she said she loves when i come in and she was so surprised i remembered her name and her family's trip to disney a few months back. i just think she's a delight.
she asked me how i'd been doing as she weighed me and took my temp. i told her well, i'm not doing so well today.. i am in the doctor's office.. obviously i'm not feeling great. however. she really made me think about her simple and polite question "how are you" ?? how am i? ...
hmmm. i am SO happy. just overjoyed really.  what a cool realization!

i told her "well, i'm unwell but am very happy. i'd rather be sick and happy than sick and unhappy" she touched my chin and with a smile said "yes, good. not everyone can say that about their lives". and it has stuck with me all day.

i am literally happy every single day. even if i get mad or am in worse pain than my usual, or things didn't go my way, i am still. always. so. darn. happy!

i am very young. and really have only ever thought of my life up until graduating high school and getting to SIU carbondale for college. 5 hours away from home. 5 hours away from drama and my awful last two years of high school. i thought i had it all planned.
then when things started to not go as planned, i felt out of control and life seemed to be passing by so quickly and i felt so lost. i'm a control freak. planner. organizer. i love ziploc baggies, legal pads and fine point black ink (never blue) pins to make my lists. things need to be in order and things need to go as planned or i get really stressed and freak people out.
well, i moved home, broke up with my boyfriend of 6.5 years and starting freaking the heck out.
i went to the community college and starting studying nursing. i met some really cool gals and went bowling all the time. i worked as a waitress, made awesome tips but always smelled of sour salad dressing.

i attended the church my parents were going to and became friends with two really amazing people who quickly became my mentors.
i dated a few more morons before really deciding that i'd let God plan my love life instead of me.
i stayed at my mentors house for hours and we'd talk and laugh and discuss how to live for Christ, what that really looks like.

then i met husband. well he was just man then. then boyfriend. then husband :)
he's super dreamy. super mysterious and his heart wasn't yet taken over by Christ, so i got to see that transformation. the most beautiful thing i've seen to date.
anyway, this guy, changed my life. he's so fun. he's so logical and honest. he's seriously so good looking sometimes i can't stand it.

he quickly became bff's with the male mentor to our husband and wife duo mentor team-inator (i felt like i needed to add an "inator" to that superhero name) and we would stay up for hours at their house, pissing my parents off because i'd come home at 2am :/  oops!
i was 20. living at home and having that fun time of "my house my rules" after living on my own in carbondale to back home with momsie and popsicle.

this is becoming longer than i anticipated so i'll try to hurry it up a bit :)

boyfriend and i decided to get married. surprise! dating for only 5 months to married? you're crazy, girl. you must be pregnant? (i had hoped i'd get a little more credit than that one, but) no? just crazy then.

we got the blessing of our mentors, which was a night i will never forget. and then we told my parents. they were shocked and then came around to the idea when they saw how sure i was.. and then shocked again when i told them we wanted to get married next month.

on june 5, 2010 we had the cutest, sweetest ceremony. insanely perfect from my waking moment to the perfect dream wedding night.
and now, 2 years later, i am still the happiest i have ever been. i don't plan anymore, or at least not as much, and i try to let go of control and remember God's timing is so much better and sweeter than mine. i still have upsets and allow myself to get crazy stressed and emotional but for the most part, i just feel like it couldn't get any better and i am thankfully waiting for His instruction.

i just want everyone to be as happy as i am. i am annoyingly happy, i used to hate those people that were just sunshine and lollipops all day long and now i am totally one of them. so i'm sorry if you're annoyed by me! i annoy myself with this gushiness, too!

okay. bed time. my teeth are throbbing causing my head to just be splitting. i want to punch someone. hopefully tomorrow goes well. seeing mr. dentist pants,  hoping for not too bad of news.
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