oh so good.

our second morning in our new (old) house. we are so exhausted, so sore and so happy with what God has blessed us with. before we moved i packed up 2 huge garbage bags of clothes to give away and we still have way too much stuff. i see more bags of clothes going to goodwill very soon. we just have so much. too much. we want to not live so worldly but darnit, it's hard not to in this world! 
anyways. this is how my day started. husband brought me yummy eggs and potatoes with a hint of ketchup with large glass of ice cold milk (yes i put ice cubes in my milk, don't you?) yum yum yum yum, deliciouseoso! 
just so thankful for another day with him. and tonight while we settle into bed, i will continue to think of how blessed i am for another night with him. i know it will end one day. and eternal life and goodness will set in. but my small, ungrateful heart makes me want this stuff to never end.