Gorgeous day! Happy happy Friday!

Today is lovely. I love today. Fridays are Husband's day off so we got his hair cut, got his paycheck $$$ yeah!, had chicken tacos on the patio because we can and are planning on watching MIB1&2 before seeing MIB3 tomorrow night. I haven't seen any of them so I have to catch up.
This week has been full of sessions! My very first newborn sesh and I was so nervous I coulda puked. But it went really well. The babe was so darn sweet. Made me crave a baby for myself. But I think I'm still good for a while. I would like to get a crossover and Husband says we can when I'm knocked up so.. 😉👍
Food limitations are hard this week. I know I'm not starving or anything but sweet summertime without ice cream dates is tough I tell ya what.
I'm getting this book titled "Made to Crave" - its about craving food and learning how to crave God more. I'm hoping this helps me. By looking at me one might not think I have a food problem. But I sure do. I have emotional attachments to foods - especially foods I can't eat anymore.
But! Today is for fun! Husbands, sunshine on our bodies and movies. Doesn't get better than this!