i'm back. i didn't go missing. just uninspired for a bit.

i have been completely uninspired for dayyssss. endless it feels.
so i haven't been blogging. i sometimes get discouraged that no one reads this anyways so i might as well not blog. then i am reminded that this blog is for me and it's okay if no one wants to read it. i'll look back over the years and have these blog posts to view as memories. i'm still pretty lame and don't have much to blog about it seems. but that's okay with me :)

so, here's a little bit of what i've been up to lately.

this one speaks for itself. i mean really. 

this one was a candid shot. loved how it turned out!

date night jar. what a cute idea! girlie got the idea from pinterest of course. so the day before the shoot i got together with her and we painted the popsicle sticks and decorated the mason jar. turned out soo cute. we had a great shoot!