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learning. goodwill shopping!

i heart goodwill.
i vow to never shop at another store.
it's seriously so expensive to do so.
husband and i agree that i'd look adorable in these new summer dresses target has to offer but when we look and see the price tag is $24.99 we just get so discouraged.
it is not going to happen.
i understand sometimes you need to get a winter jacket or new tennis shoes or a new bra and those things tend to be more costly and sometimes i just have to bite the bullet but it's so frustrating that i can't get an adorable little sundress for less than 15 bucks.
it's really hard for me not to just buy these things, i'll be honest.
i'm used to just billing my parents or spending my entire paycheck on two articles of clothing just to be left wishing i had gotten more or the purple top instead of the red top. then i'm mad i can't buy more and see how much time i'm focusing on what i WEAR! sheesh.
being an adult and being one with husband, is really causing me to have to grow up! and learn how to live smarter.
so, as difficult as this is for me, i am sucking it up and putting my big girl panties on. no more mall shopping, no more spending copious amounts of money on clothes that will get soiled and out grown over little time.

on to the good news!
for me:
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of jean capris
2 nice tops
2 tee shirts
1 bed time shirt
2 skirts
2 belts

for husband:
4 work polos (that he looks incredibly hot in)
1 suit jacket (that he looks incredibly hot in)

for a grand total of .... drumroll please... $47!

bam. that's much better than A dress for $24.99... and nothing else. even if the dress is THE CUTEST. seriously. painfully adorable. but, this is growth! i can do this. i will do this :)

plusalso, these skirts are perfect! i really hit the jackpot. day 1 of goodwill shopping was a success.

missing a few items. but here are the two nice tops, the jean capris, adorable belts, and skirts. 

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