this is where i share my whole soul. i write about my struggles. my joys. my amazing life with my handsome husband. our photography company. our cat. wedding seasons. our travels. community. beer and coffee dates. probably lots about pizza, too. i believe that life is worth living. and sharing my story connects me to beautiful souls. i feel like i grow into a better human when i write and read stories. we all have something amazing to share with the world. this is my life in pink. 

days 2-4 of 40

on day two i spent the day with a super great friend and the two kids she watches. we had so much fun. it was hard getting ready in the morning  because i washed my face and brushed my teeth and then was ready to grab my eye lash curler and get to work. then i remembered i have to go nakey faced. it's hard to not even just put a little something on before i leave the house. i also have found that just throwing my hair up in a pony and wearing a tee shirt and shorts makes me feel that people will just see me as if i'm just having a lazy day. then we went to work out that after noon so i really felt fine not having make up on now. obviously people will just know that i'm working out. see the sports bra? yeah i don't need make up right now. i'm tough and getting my sweat on.

then day two evening was just wonderful. i made supper and took a bath. then we chatted and just spent the night together. he just kept telling me how beautiful i am and it really makes not wearing make up easy. when i'm just at home with him. 

day three was even easier.. i had a terrible migraine and was bedridden all day. no problem being nakey faced! gosh it was a dozy. today is day four and i'm still experiencing the aftermath of the migraine. stayed in bed until 12:49pm (not sure why i remember exact times like that, i just always have) then husband came home at 1:40 for lunch and helped me bathe and get back to resting. now i do feel a bit better. i was even able to dry and straighten my hair. i decided i need to start doing my hair and "getting pretty" instead of taking the easy road of just pony tails and "giving up" on myself just because i can't wear make up. that's not the point.

i'm quickly learning i wonder way to much what others think of me and how others view me. also that make up is totally a god in my life, taking place of the God i want in my life.
when i'm in public with my bare face i am thinking things like "they probably think i'm being lazy today" or "i bet she'd be hot with make up on" (how vain am i!) or "wow she's got some serious pimples" instead of me thinking about each of them and perhaps how i can serve them and show them Christ's love. no, no, i'm too busy thinking about how i could look.. with make up on.. that's not messed up at all.. gesh!

i am excited to face the outside world proudly with my bare face. (today anyway. confidence comes and goes) and just be thankful for the way God made me. He likes me this way, obviously, or else He would'a made me differently!
here is my happy day 4 face!
oh i'm also excited because melissajenna.com is sharing DIY facials that i can't wait to try out! 
i'll post how those go, and photos of course. 
husband says my face looks 60% less irritated already. just from not wearing make up and keeping my face clean! huzzah! 

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