wedded bliss

my cousin (in law) got married on June 30. it was a hot but gorgeous day. i got to spend time with my wonderful husband remembering our wedding day and enjoying watching these two wed. i just launched my photography business so of course Jess already had signed with a photographer (Bolla Photography, which is great!) but Jess and Doug were sweet enough to allow me to take a few shots as well for my wedding portfolio. i don't have my first wedding until october so it's really nice to have these few shots to use if and hopefully when i get wedding inquires. let me know what you think! 
that sweet moment when the father is walking his sweet girl down the isle 

gorgeous church!

kissing his bride

i feel like this is a scene from a movie. she is so stunning!

love this shot. 

GORGEOUS CAKE. Ugh I was just ogling it all night.