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yogurt blueberry face!

so sometimes i don't blog for days and sometimes i blog 3 times in one day. don't judge me

today is day 20 of 40 and let me tell you what, i am getting more and more used to not wearing make up. sure i miss mascara because it's awesome but really i'm not hating seeing myself without make up anymore! how fun!
it's interesting how God made me. just looking at myself. brown eyes, matching brown hair. big ole lips. huge teeth and mouth. i'm not as upset about how i'm made anymore. i think i look pretty alright, even.

so at the doctor's office the other day i was checking out some magazine with a very blessed on the top (if you know what i mean) woman in a bikini. don't even get me started on that one. and inside it has awesome DIY facial ideas.

i usually read these things and think yes this is totally awesome i'm going to do this never. and i never do, just like i knew i wouldn't. but this time i was for serious and sure enough as i'm typing i have yogurt and blueberries all over my face. downside? it has a very strange smell.

so here's the recipe. way easy, even i can do it!
1/2 cup organic yogurt (it doesn't call for organic but you better use organic or i'll never speak to you again)
1/4 cup organic blueberries

blend together.
smear on face.
let sit 15 minutes.
rinse off with cool water.
pat dry.
die of happiness.

it's so luscious! my face feels like a babies butt.
then you can save the leftovers in your fridge for up to 1 week. now how fancy is that?!

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