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a wedding day || Tom + Elizabeth become husband and wife! || Champaign Illinois || Illinois Wedding Photographer || Rose Colored Glasses Photography by Bethany Burt

Tom + Elizabeth




During the ceremony there was a moment to honor all the married couples and for them to renew their vows while Tom and Elizabeth declared theirs. This was so beautiful. 
My husband, rcgp's second photographer  came over to me to squeeze my hand and then got back to work. 
That was about the sweetest thing. 
Being able to recognize our marriage and promise to each other during our work day was just incredible. 

Tom and Elizabeth invited their dearest friends and family to share in their day. 
Their ceremony was so touching and it was clear that the members in the audience were there to celebrate because they believe in commitment and vows Elizabeth and Tom were making to each other. 


 singing sweetly to his new bride.

Elizabeth made an incredibly beautiful bride. She was effortless. 
She's so charming I instantly wanted to be her best friend when I met her. 
Sure we had tons of phone dates and a coffee meeting to discuss the big day but seeing her on her wedding day was really something else. She was so ready to marry that man! She couldn't wait to see her groom. 
These two are so in love, I am so glad they found each other. 

getting just a bit artsy-fartsy here :) 

I think this is just perfect. Don't you? 

pretty burst of light

                                                   I think this is just about the coolest idea ever.

Bride and Nana. So much love in this sweet, funny family! 


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