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Mr. + Mrs. Finley :: wedding photography

Chelsee + Klatyon
Wedding Day 

that is one beautiful bride!

 Chelsee's bridal party was full of girls who dearly love her. 
They were so sincere in their compliments and words of love to their beautiful bride-friend all day! 
I'm pretty sure each one of them cried at least twice during this wonderful day. 
I felt so blessed to be apart of such a loving group. 

getting ready gear :) 


the gents. getting ready and passing out celebratory cigars! 

Hot glue fixes everything! 

all bundled in and ready to go see her groom! 

I love when a couple does a "First Look"
This is a private time for the bride and groom (and two very quiet photographers) 

I love this time. It is seriously so romantic. 
No one else is around and they get to have some sweet moments together, seeing each other for the first time. 
All their emotions are on their sleeves and I get to capture it! 
It just makes me giddy. 

The sweetest faces and most sincere looks are when you think no one is watching. 
I just love their faces here! 
So in love, they'll have these to look back on forever. 

Mr. + Mrs. Finley 
I love this moment. 

A seriously fun bridal party :) 

no wedding is complete without some crazy faces. am I right?! 

 bridal party crazy faces!

stunning bride. looooooooved her dress! 

knowing these two I was REALLY expecting to see a crazy cake fight! 
Klayton said he was warned. :) He played nice! 

reception kisses. sweetness 

I'm crazy about fun detail-ring shots. 

LOVED this idea. ALL Chelsee's!
AND they let us keep their thank you board! So sweet. 

Leaving you with this beauty. 
This, is my very favorite shot of the entire day. 
Klayton saw his bride and swiftly grabbed her in tight for a kiss. 
I love their love for each other. 
I know it will continue to grow and flourish into a gorgeous life-lasting marriage. 

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