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the damask chair :: boudoir photography

so i went antiquing with my sister-n-love the other day after their family session in indiana.

i was even wearing the perfect ivory lace dress for the occasion. 

that chair in the bottom right hand corner is now MINE!!!! 
my precious. *insert smeagol voice here*

i feel in love with that chair! 

i called husband and he said talk them down a bit and you can have it. 
he knows how hard that is for me since he's the bold one and i'm the big baby, but i did it!! and i got it. 

if i could i'd live in that antique shop. 
it was beyond perfect. 
i felt completely in my element there. 
so old, so romantic. 
oh, my soul. 

the bottom image is my lastest craze. boudoir! 

well, i love boudoir photography. it's no secret. 
and i'd love to show case my work for all to see! 
BUT - that would be disrespectful of the women and especially of their spouses. 

so i will be keeping the images locked up with password protected albums for women to view upon request. so ladies, request it! :) 

but i wanted to show one stunning shot of how i used the chair! 
i love that this is my job. drinking coffee, buying props and photography loveliness. 
there are so many great "chair shots" to choose from. i am having a really fun time editing her session. 

eeek! love. 
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