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the one about coconut oil :: true story

I now have a coconut oil problem. 

I follow this awesome gal on Instagram (another obsession. seriously so fun. follow me at lilyb30) 
and she posted a photo of this coconut oil just raving about its benefits. 

I maybe went out the next day and bought some. 
I've heard about it before but just never took the time to bring it into my life. 
Well, I have been missing out. And so are you. 

Use this stuff to make your skin glow, your hair happy and your feet say "THANK YOU". 

clean face. warm oil and massage into face and neck
this alone feels like a dream, people
let sit for as long as you want (I do about 15-20 minutes) 
then rinse and enjoy that sweet, glowing face

again, warm the oil. 
wet hair then lather small amount over hair - concentrating on the ends
(secret - a little goes a LONG way. found that out the greasy way. you're welcome)
you, will be so happy with the results
my hair is just so silky smooth I feel like a new woman

well, winter feet are gross. let's be honest
clean and scrub your feet
massage warm oil over feet
(I like to make a thing of it - total foot massage goodness)
then cover feet with socks to help hold moisture in
keep 1 hour then remove socks and rinse 
you can even heat up your socks if you're feeling fancy

I feel like I've been to the spa for 2 days. But I've never actually been to a spa. 
My homemade Burt spa has been fantastic though, I think I'll stay a while. 

Turns out you can also eat the stuff. I haven't done that, yet. I will let you know. 
It kinda creeps me out to think I've been rubbing this on myself like lotion to just eat a spoonful.

This brand is actually rather fattening so I won't be using it every single day.
I've been researching different types of coconut oils to get the best one so I'll post more of that when I come to it. This is also refined which I don't recommend, so I'll be fixing that as well. 

More benefits! : 
use to prevent stretch marks (you're welcome to all my ridic cute pregnant friends)
use on tattoos! mine are looking rather healthy and almost new-like, which is fun 
use under your eyes to help bags - you can even refrigerate it and give your face a nice wake up mid-day. 
rub your legs with the oily goodness after you shave! heaven for legs, I'm telling you what! 
make up remover 
mascara brush cleaner
hand moisturizer

That's all I got for now. Coconut oil. Get it. Be glad. 
Also, we just watched The Grey tonight and I'm now afraid of my wolf afghan.

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