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anniversary weekend! :: celebrating love

on november 30 we celebrated 3 years together!

we met on november 30 of 2009. it was a monday. 
we met and talked for hours and hours and hours. and we've been together ever since. 
ethan surprised me with a weekend away in tinley park, il. 

we had the best time! the trip was full of surprises. 
we went to trader joe's which was AWESOME. i've always wanted to go. hopefully one day we'll live closer to one but for now, traveling to get to one is fun!

hot chocolate stops at a pretty rest area. 
we took a walk and held hands. 


surprise hotel stay! 
i knew he planned something but i didn't know what for sure. :) 

one trip kinda family. 

the name of the store is cutie poops!

sunshine. beautiful weekend! 

our room! cuuuuuuuuuuute. 

love greens! this was so yummy

i love us. 

fridge full of yum! 
i love having a room with a fridge so we can fill it with yummy food and stay up late watching tv and eat! 

we bought an entire box. love luna!! 

surprise mani and pedis! 
ethan got them too! it was so so so much fun. 
he's the best friend ever. 

he wouldn't let me take many pictures of him so it looks like i was just dating by myself. 

we PIGGED out! 
part of the surprise was DINNER at Olive Garden - our favorite!! 
i was not to look at the cost, and just pick everything and anything i wanted. 
and boy did i! 

he's got the looks. 

lasagna fritta!  

cute curtain thingy on the window! i loved that room. really sweet. 

boom! another surprise! bond movie at the IMAX! 


and when i do get to take pictures of him he makes these faces. 
and i love those faces the most. 

leftovers from OG and trader joes. we had a night fulllll of food. 

and coffee for the road trip home! 

i love just him. i'm so happy we're together. 

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