crafting something cute :: i'm getting super crafty these days

i am officially obsessed with making things. 
saving money, spending the day crafting and creating gorgeous decorations for your home. 
(or for gifts, if you love people)

for this all i needed/used : 

photo frame (dollar store for $1.50)
dollies, cut to appropriate size ($1 antique store) 
brown card stock (a friends, so free to me!) 
white paint (leftover small jar from when i painted my room in high school) 
scissors & mod podge 

now you all know how cheap i am ;) 

it's my new favorite piece in the house. 
there's something so special about making house decorations yourself. and knowing you didn't spend a ton of money! 
oh, plusalso, i love how nice it goes next to my mod podge glitter mason jar! 
win win win. fun fun fun. silly. silly. silly. 

happy Christmas!!