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how many takes does it take ? :: christmas family photo

I love my family! They are fun, loving and a little nuts. ;) 
So for your entertainment, I'm posting ALL of our takes to get ONE good family image. 
I love each image. So much! 

 telling the babies to look at the camera. not sure about Ethan's face here. haha 
I'm pushing the camera button and then running into the image before the timer goes off. 
 Derek and dad look thrilled! 
Amanda. She's got crazy moves 

love this! except.... someone's eyeballs are closed! dope!

we tried to use a faster timer speed so all the kids would stay happy. 
the two speeds are SLOW or VERY quick. I just wasn't fast enough. 
but these made everyone crack up! 

almost there..

made it! 

Merry Christmas 
from our family to yours! 

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