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how to make mod podge :: crafty crafty

so my town is tiny and i was in a hurry to craft. no mod podge anywhere. i had to make my own!
thankfully Pinterest is awesome and i found an easy way to make it myself! 

so here it is! 
it's super easy. 

what you need : 
elmer's glue
mason jar with lid 
varnish - if you have any. (like a tsp.)
i didn't. we don't live in a fancy - varnish having town. 

please enjoy my fancy iphone pictures ;) 

fill half of the mason jar with glue 

fill the other half with water and just 
shake shake shake senora 
and you're ready to use! 

it's really hard to take a picture and craft unless you have three hands which i don't, so the brush is in my mouth. true story. 

it's works just like regular modpogde! it looks less pretty while going on but it dries very nicely. 

this is my first time crafting on my own. i'm not very naturally crafty although i like to pretend i am. 
so this is what i've got! i have terrible handwriting so i'll  be hiring out next time i craft. 
but it's so much fun! i stayed up until 3am making these. 

oh, and label the jar so your adorable husband doesn't think it's a drink. 
reminds me of second grade. our art teacher was really mean and scary and we always had to wear art shirts over our regular shits. well, i forgot my art shirt so she told me i had to be VERY careful and i could still participate in class. 
the first thing we are assigned i was not careful enough... i got glue all over my finger. 
she saw me and i had to act fast! i couldn't wipe the glue on my regular shirt, oh no! so.. i ate it. 
she came over to me and said "did you really just put that glue in your mouth?" 
me : gulp "i really did." 
and i got sent to the office. crying. 
second grade is rough. 

happy crafting! 

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