late night confessions

I seriously love babies.
I actually really like the song "More Than Words" by Extreme. 
I really like my iPhone. 
My husband makes me swoon when he talks in silly accents. 
I love red lipstick but rarely wear it in public because I have to reapply so often because my lips are crazy weird and absorb lipstick/chapsticks like it's their job. 
Farting in public is funny. Always. 
I now love eggnog. Organic coconut eggnog. YUM.
I really enjoy Soy. I became giddy when I found one more case in the cabinet tonight. 
I love late night chats with my husband. Usually we get our best talks out when we're both exhausted. 
He teaches me so much. I feel like I'm growing into a really cool version of myself because of him. 
I hate wearing contacts.
I like watching Pawn Stars and American Pickers but only with husband.
I love photography. Duh. But really, it's so much fun. 
I found my dream home and I am freaking elated about having it one day. 
Kraft mac n cheese is the bomb. I'm making some right now. 
I love my last name. 
This is the first time in my life that I actually feel like an adult. My career is real and I often pinch myself because it feels too good to be true. 
I'm easily scared. 
I love Sunday mornings at our church. The sermons are so good for my soul. They really speak to me and I feel like every word is Spirit lead. It's an amazing experience. 
I want to eat at least one avocado a day but I'm having trouble doing that.. 
because I think the taste sucks. 
My husband inspires me. 
I love hot beverages.
I love putting lotion on my feet and then wearing socks. Cozy. 
I don't like loud noises. 
I hate the word "festering"
I love to cook! 
I really love tattoos and want many more but probably will never have another because my husband likes my skin bare. 
I hate doing dishes.
I often offer too much information to just about anyone. Not sure where that came from but I'm starting to grow a filter. Slowly. 
I laugh at really inappropriate times. Like when someone tells me their grandma died. 
I'm fearful and doubtful. Probably my least favorite things about me. 
I love LOTR. Except Gollum scares me big time.
Being a wife is my very favorite thing. 
I desire to be a mom. Of like 5. 
I secretly wanted to see that silly Christmas musical with Tori Spelling in it. Yeah.
I love musicals. 
I have an obsession with Olive Gardens alfredo boats. 
I eat Tums like they're candy. 

Don't judge me. You're weird, too.