this is where i share my whole soul. i write about my struggles. my joys. my amazing life with my handsome husband. our photography company. our cat. wedding seasons. our travels. community. beer and coffee dates. probably lots about pizza, too. i believe that life is worth living. and sharing my story connects me to beautiful souls. i feel like i grow into a better human when i write and read stories. we all have something amazing to share with the world. this is my life in pink. 

the date(s) :: personal story

one of the best days of my life. 
i loved this day. 

the thing is, every day with ethan is incredible. 
i sometimes hate reading about how wonderful some people's lives are because it seems fake to exclaim that much greatness but it's just absolutely true. so i need to apologize to those people who i thought were full of it because now i'm one of them. and i'm so happy here :) 

someone wise told me that you marry the person they are when you're dating. 
like, if you're dating them and they kinda suck, what makes you think they'll be better when you marry them? they won't. 
usually the rule is 6 months. 
the first 6 months of a relationship, both people are on their best behavior. 
you're still in that sweet, trying to impress the other person phase. 

so while ethan and i were dating and had decided we'd get married after only knowing each other for 2 weeks, i talked to him about the 6 month thing. 
"well, you'll be different after 6 months. you're just awesome now because you have to be"
so last night in our cozy cute hotel, after an eventful day of surprises e says (and i'm paraphrasing. i never rephrase exactly how he speaks. i'm a women, we're terrible at that) 
"you thought this kinda thing would be done after 6 months. it's been 3 years. do you believe how crazy i am for you yet?" 
i'm starting to. :) 

the day started with HUGE smiles. 
ethan patrick had his super cute --i'm so going to surprise the junk outta my wife today-- face on
and i just ate it all up. 
he asked me to pack a few pb&j sandwiches for each of us as we will need snacks between meals.
we had physical therapy first and then headed to the book store. 
we grabbed coffees
(thanks to my AMAZING clients who have gifted us with starbucks cards i just am so overwhelmed that they would gift us with this gold. thank you all. i just love your faces to bits!)
and started to peruse. 

i love this. another favorite. i have a zillion favorites. 
people say as soon as we have kids, i'll replace all my photos with photos of them but i don't think that's true. i think i'll just have ten zillion photos of all of us and i feel we'll have a mad house full of images. 

making out in the christian life isle. classic burts 

the book! 
funny, we ended up ordering it from amazon for less $ but i had to get a photo of this book.
i can't wait for this to change my life. 

amazon-ing a book on his phone while at a book store. 
makes sense. 

e says i'm the worst model. 
"for a photographer who gets frustrated with people when they move so much, you should really know when NOT to move. like when i'm trying to take your picture!" 

books and coffee. 
the two best smells, ever. 
and an adorable outfit. doesn't get better than that ;) 

thank you, magnet! 
i will not purchase you for $6 but i will enjoy your inspirational quote.
feeling a confidence boost in myself these days. it's really fun
God is good. 

photographing adorable things i desire for my house! 
not for $39 a pop, but a nice idea so i know what to search for when we to get to buy our dream home! 

this was a super fun find! 
my google background is this floral print and i just really enjoy it! 
so when i found it at the cafe on clearance i was just overjoyed. 
i found what my purchase was going to be! 
e and i both had gift cards to barnes and noble so we didn't have to spend any our of own money!

bargin shoppers!

second surprise was a movie! 
we LOVE the movies. 
without going into too much crazy detail, we always have amazing moments at movies.
the best kinda life moments. 

i was so surprised. 
all day. 
i had no idea what time it was or where we were going. all i was allowed to do was take pictures. but i couldn't answer any phone calls, emails or texts. 
i was only permitted to kiss and have the best time ever with my guy. 
so that's exactly what i did. 

smiles and kisses. 
oh, and laughter. 

between the book store and the movie was a surprise that we'd be staying in a hotel over night! 
what!!?! this guy. 
i really felt like we were so far away. i had a completely clear mind. 
no work or deadlines or worries on my mind. no thoughts, just feeling. 
just enjoying the moment. 
not trying to figure out my surprises or wondering about anything else around me. 
i was completely on vacation. 
i feel like it was a dreamland. and i am so happy to just stay there in my mind. 
ethan had so much fun planning all of this out and watching my face all day, 
as each new surprise was unveiled. 

ice skating!! 

ice skating at the u of i! 
 the people were really nice and everyone was having a lot of fun! 

we cute. 

glad i wore my skinny jeans! 
i was going to wear a skirt and leggings but e told me to dress a wee bit warmer. 
so i wore my fuzzy socks, too :) 


i wasn't very good! but it was a blast. i was laughing the whole time. 

e was of course really good at it. 
he can do anything. 

a favorite. gosh. his face. 


next surprise was by far the coolest one of the day/night! 
a really cool irish pub!

my new favorite place. 
the beer is fantastic and the food!?! forget about it. 
it's incredible. 
ethan ordered for us both which was really awesome and totally adorable. 

the best part? seriously the food. 
but also, they had a live band! playing irish tunes. it was amazing. 

irish stout and cider. 
i wanted to sing songs and quote from the happiest millionaire. 

you can't really see the group that well but my heart just swelled when they played. 

they are the type of people who love to play and they play because they absolutely have to - they can't help but play! and that's the kinda people and music i fall in love with. 

they were beaming with smiles and happiness as they drank and filled the room with glorious music.

it made me want to dance in worship to our King and dance like David danced :)

they played from the bottom of their souls and it was truly an amazing experience. 
i am so thankful for this time we had together here.
it meant so much to me and i will always keep it locked up tight in my heart. 

um yeah. ate that. drank that. 

next morning. pretty lighting coming in from the hotel! 

and breakfast!! 
black tea and a chocolate chip walnut cookie while grocery shopping on our way home. 
the perfect time away. 

so that was the longest and most fun date of my life! ha! 

ethan's really good at dating. 
i'm glad he picks me to date with. 

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