this is where i share my whole soul. i write about my struggles. my joys. my amazing life with my handsome husband. our photography company. our cat. wedding seasons. our travels. community. beer and coffee dates. probably lots about pizza, too. i believe that life is worth living. and sharing my story connects me to beautiful souls. i feel like i grow into a better human when i write and read stories. we all have something amazing to share with the world. this is my life in pink. 

yesterday and today :: with the burts

yesterday we took a country drive together. 
it was really fun. 
ethan's actually lost his voice so the last couple of days have been funny and kinda weird. 
when we first met he was pretty quiet, except for when he was interviewing me for the job as his wife. then we got married and he's been talking every since. probably just because he's used to a loud house now because i talk all zee time. 
so he's been quiet again and it's weird. so we've been adjusting to his silence. 

we've been so on fire lately! marriage is so fun. 
we always have a good one but sometimes you just absolutely mesh completely perfectly well and it makes for super fun endlessly joyous days. 
we're on the same page again and our hearts are just gushing for each other. 

this is perfection. 
well, first of all i need to say i ate a salad with red and yellow peppers for the first time ever and LOVED it. i don't even know who i am anymore. ;) 
and second, this bottle is my new favorite thing. 
it has the recipe for like 8 different dressings. 
i only like two 
(but will probably have to try more just because the recipes are so easy and i need to try new things) 
so i made my absolute favorite which is honey mustard dressing. 
um. guys. it is crazy good. 
i'm talking like insanely good. 
i'm so happy it turned out so well and i can eat salads again! 
all ingredients are pure and natural. if they aren't i don't put them in! that simple. 
so glad we can eat organic, pure pure pure food. 
so thankful. 

aaaaaaaaaaand good morning! 
this is this morning. 
i had a root canal appointment and just wanted everyone to see how good i still look after i've been drugged and drilled. HA. oh i was so loopy. 
ethan has had the privilege of seeing me like this way too many times. 
lucky son of a gun. 
i really felt awesome, though. 
and guess what!? my doctor said this is DONE. finally. i've had 4 appointments on the same tooth. 
he said it was one of the worst cases he's ever dealt with. you're welcome, doctor. 
so you know what he did? that nice and funny man bleached my tooth for me for no charge. 
it is one of my front teeth and he knew how uncomfortable i have been with it over the last 5 months. 
each time i'd go in for the next appointment i would ask him what my options were for getting that tooth white again. it was very yellow because of how dead and infected it was. (yeah. seriously gross) 
so today when he told me the good news i was just so glad this would be the last appointment. 
i told him we weren't prepared for the cost of the whitening but i would like to see when i could schedule that appointment so that my tooth will be "normal" again. 
he said "well i'm just going to bleach it for you today anyways. i know you'll feel so much better if your teeth match. and i really want to make that happen for you"
i was so grateful. 
we got him a jimmy johns gift card (the ladies said he loves to eat there)
so i can't wait to surprise him with that at next week's follow up appointment. 
seriously how nice is he for doing that for me/us? 
he really didn't have to do that and but he cares so much for each patient and he knew it would mean a lot to me to have that tooth match my other teeth. 
i will never forget his kindness. 

in fact, i wish i could just have root canals from now on because those aren't anything compared to going to the stupid dentist and having any other work done. yikes. ick. blech. hatethedentist.

so! then we went to the co+op for lunch. 
i was too numb for a while so i just got a cookie and a black tea. my two favorite things at the co op. 
you guys should really all be shopping there. it's the best place to shop. 
all things are organic, hormone and antibiotic free for me to eat so i am so thankful and just love being in there. 
the people are all great and very educated on everything in the store, too so that is an amazing plus. 
it's in urbana located in lincoln square mall. 
go there and be merry. 

so we went shopping while we waited for my numb mouth to come back to normal. 
we found this shop that is a non for profit clothing store and part of your purchase money goes to a women's shelter. i was just completely thrilled to look in this store. 
then we found out that it's even better than most goodwill store prices AND they have this sale that you grab a bag and however many items of clothing you can fit, you can buy for only $25.
i got the green light from e and i just went nuts! 
so this is what was in my bag. 

awesome cozy tee shirt. love

super stoked about this sweater! 
i've been looking for an ugly/adorable sweater like this for quite some time.

this dress! i really like this dress. 
date night dress fo sho 

this! seriously!? i think so adorable. 
ethan hated it. ohhhh, that boy. 
it was too big anyways so i couldn't get it but had it been the right size... definitely. 
he like really hated it. i wonder sometimes what's wrong with his brain. 

my favorite shirt. 
it has some oil stains so i need to research how to get those out but even if i can't, it's a shirt that can easily go with a cardigan so i still got it. i love love love the top part. 
again, ethan dislikes this one. 
he said i'm still hott so our marriage will still make it, but he thinks this shirt looks like poop. 

dress, ROBE, skirt, and army green super cute button down. 
super comfy everything. 
the dress will need leggings on underneath but it's so cute! like a tee shirt dress.
the robe is heavenly. like just absolutely makes me warm and happy.

this food is GOOD. 
turkey and bacon melt. 
i forget way kind of cheese.. i think swiss and or provolone. 
with vegenaise and mustard. 
i'm a chips and sandwich kinda girl so i got the new york cheddar chips 
ethan got a really good cranberry, pomegranate and aloe vera drink 

i seriously don't know who we are anymore. 
but i love the way our bodies feel now that we eat so healthy! 
and yay for learning to better control my headaches/migraines! 
i will live this way for the rest of my life. and work each day to better our diet. 

today has been so fun! now i'm home ready to edit and watch my shows (wearing my robe!)
 while ethan is happy at work detailing. 

God is good. i saw Him in people today. and in His creation. 
He is beauty. 


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