this is where i share my whole soul. i write about my struggles. my joys. my amazing life with my handsome husband. our photography company. our cat. wedding seasons. our travels. community. beer and coffee dates. probably lots about pizza, too. i believe that life is worth living. and sharing my story connects me to beautiful souls. i feel like i grow into a better human when i write and read stories. we all have something amazing to share with the world. this is my life in pink. 

my life lately :: the photo overload blog

so sometimes i slack on my photo blog. 
i blame instagram.
so here's a mess of photos of my little life, lately. 

sweet baby strawberries. i have been crazy about strawberries and pineapples lately. 
all day-every day. 

feeling great lately! very thankful about that. 
also, lots of glasses days. 
the only thing bad about wearing them is ethan's nose hits them when he kisses me so i have to wipe off the smudges. 
boy, do i have problems. 

ice cream and movie night in! 
we're watching the oceans movies again. 
well, first time ever together, so that's fun. 
and ice cream is good. we found a dairy free kind and i LOVE it. 
i mix mint chocolate chip and cookie dough together like a freak. 

i think we should all love intensely. 

we've been talking about what we really want to promote most in our photography business and e says "love, intensely. like Christ loves"
 i so hope we can show that to others. 

we share clothes now. 
lucky he's a sharing with his wife kind-of guy. :) 
so i can just shop for him, now. they have better clothes for boys anyways. 
except for dresses. 
also i love my hair in these little twistie things. i feel like a little girl and it's fun. 

i love him. 
random parks and recs quotes via text. 
makes me smile throughout my day.

time with mom! 
we shopped for the babies in our lives and had a really great time together. 
i love her. 

grandma and two of her babies! 
us. looking fancy. 
my sister said "i like that dress. where'd you get it, 1940?" 
hehehe. yes. i love it. so does she. 
she just has to tease because she's my sister and it's how we love. 

ry guy's 2! i can't believe it! 
he melts my heart like no other. 

baby mitchie. 
he's 1! 
happy birthday(s), sweet boys!

gosh. my husband needs a baby. ;) 

i've got this going on around my house. 
so that's awesome. 

CAT. i love love love our cat. 
she's cute and perfect. and sweet and adorable. 
and cuddly and fluffy. and she smells nice. 
weird, i know. but i love her smell. 

amazing breakfast with great coffee and quiet times with God. 
it's fun when the sermons at church go along with what's been on my heart. 
God is so cool to work that way at times. 
i have been completely knocked over by this passage. 
my heart longs to be this way. to live this way. 
it hits so hard and penetrates so deep i cannot forget it. 

office on the go! 
took my work to a place with faster internet and for good coffee, of course.
met a new friend and she's also a photographer! 
she's beautiful and fun and strange like me :)

grandma's 80th!! 
i got to take my grandma out for breakfast on her birthday! 
we had her hair appointment first and then ran around town for errands and then to breakfast at our favorite place! this day will always have a special place in my heart. 

diner coffee is something special. 

gorgeous sky! 
such a majestic-looking-day. 
this day was 19 degrees out. 
in march. 

doing spring-like things like making sweet tea with lemon is making the inside of the house feel warm and happy while we wait impatiently for spring to arrive. 

cutie. napping on my stomach. 

 put coconut oil in your hair. 
do it and you will have very happy hair!

and we dated this evening! pizza and movies. and laughs. plus kisses. 


the show is hit and miss. 
much like snl these days. 
but we still enjoy it and i enjoyed the "put a bird on it" skit. 
so we put a bird on our place mats at monicals. 

i love celery. 
and how it makes hearts when you stamp with it.
i can't wait to have babies to make celery hearts for art. 
i don't know why i have to wait til i have babies to do this but i just want to. 
surprise enchiladas night! 
ethan was all "schwhhhaaat!" 
you're welcome. 

outside my office window. 
what spring is like this year. 
10 inches of snow yesterday. 

we drove.. in the blizzard. 
it was one of the funniest days, today. 
ethan is calm and collected while i freak out about the drive in the blizzard. 
it was awful. we had many laughs and saw 21 vehicles in the ditch on the way there.
we went to the movies and had a great lunch. 
we looked at paint colors. (above are my favorites)
for the house we're buying in 7 months. 
7 months! i want it to be NOW. but it's 7 more months. 
pretty colors. i'm excited. 

honest tea. 
it's great. honestly. 

put some fruit in it. 
water is yummy. i love water. i can't get enough. 
but you know, sometimes it's really fun and delicious to add some lemon and strawberries! 
and, good for you! 
just stab the fruit multiple times and add it to your water. shake it around a bit and voila! 
also these adorable pajama pants were 4 dollars at kohl's.


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