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perfectly sweet surprise proposal || Danville, Illinois || Illinois Wedding Photographer || Rose Colored Glasses Photography by Bethany Burt


Meet Cubby & Steph. 
They have been dating for 5 years. 

For their anniversary Cubby wanted to surprise his sweet girlfriend with a photoshoot! 
Cubby and Steph are two of our close friends and I know Steph loves photos probably as much as I do so it was the perfect gift! 

She thought this was her only surprise of the day, though and she was so excited. 
She was skipping and laughing, just really enjoying time with Cub and having new photos together. 
She's so fun. {and  beautiful!}

She had no idea she was about to get engaged. 

I absolutely love everything about these photos. 
They tell a love story of two people who follow hard after God and who are truly meant to be together. They are so loved, as you will see in the following photos. 

Cubby planned the perfect proposal. 
With the help of their friends and family, Steph was truly surprised! 
The only difficulty of the day was when Steph didn't want to be blindfolded. :) 
Cubby had to sweet talk her and on we went to the park where everyone was waiting. 

I started to cry the minute I saw the large group of loved ones ready to surprise Steph in support of Cubby and this new life together. 
I had to pull myself together so I could photograph! 

My heart is so full. 
The sweetness starts here : 

the beginning. 

They are planning a June 13, 2015 wedding and we will be the lucky photographers. :) 

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