this is where i share my whole soul. i write about my struggles. my joys. my amazing life with my handsome husband. our photography company. our cat. wedding seasons. our travels. community. beer and coffee dates. probably lots about pizza, too. i believe that life is worth living. and sharing my story connects me to beautiful souls. i feel like i grow into a better human when i write and read stories. we all have something amazing to share with the world. this is my life in pink. 

photo overload update! get excited

it's time for the most random photo update ever! 
i'm pretty excited about it. 
obviously, i took the photos. 
i love sharing our life! 
these date back to about end of may, beginning of june. 
lots of missing moments in-between but that's what makes this so random. 
and if there's one thing i'm good at.. it's being random. 

mister watermelon. 
i will eat you. 
summertime means watermelon and lots of it.

this. melt my frigging heart, would you. 
e loves when i take photographs of him sleeping. ;)
he's SO much handsome.. all over his faceeeee. 
he is very sweet in the mornings. i love this morning when he grabbed my hand. 

working outside. 
english breakfast tea, fresh strawberries and toast with pb and cinnamon.
red toes. camera. sweet breeze. good morning!

summertime also means strawberries dipped in organic sugar. yummmm.
and pale pink nails. my favorite color.

hotel stays make my heart happy! 
we had a family reunion to get to the day after a super fun, long wedding day in noblesville, in. 
so we drove to the town that the reunion was, which was about 40 miles from noblesville. 
we arrived around 11:40pm.
loaded up ALL of our gear, and luggage. 
got checked in. 
went to the room. only to find that it smelled terribly of smoke. 
like so bad i couldn't even go in the room. 
i really try hard not to be high maintenance but when it came to that smokey room, i couldn't handle it. 
ethan called down and the dude was like "okay, i'll come spray it"
yes because spraying flower power scent will get rid of the smoke. 
um, no. now it just smells like old ladies AND smoke. 
so it's midnight now, after a 10 hour work day and we're both beat. and hungry. 
we call down for a different room. or rather, ethan calls down for a different room and i hang out outside the room, getting hit on by frat boys and wedding party guests.
ALL rooms were full. there were 2 wedding parties and a frat party staying in that hotel. and the smoke room was the last one left. naturally. 
a frat party at a hotel? i thought they had houses for that? hmmm. 
so we called around and all hotels were booked. 
we had to drive another 40 minutes to a new hotel. 
beyond tired. beyond hungry. 
so we got pizza on the way to this hotel, i ate most of it in the car and we arrived at this really nice hotel. so thankful! we slept well, no smoke smell, and had a wonderful morning drinking coffee and eating left over coffee cake from our generous bride and groom's dessert table. 
i edited a few images to post and then we went and enjoyed a day with family! 
which i was then hired to take photos at. haha! 
i so love my job. and i love my family who is so supportive and excited about our business! 
oh! then ethan surprised me with a date night on the way home. what a guy! 
we watched the new despicable me movie. oh i love it. 
it made us cry and want to adopt all the babies in the world. 
for real though. 

meeting night! we met with a new 2014 bride and groom. and...

they booked with us!! 
so i did my happy dance. 
i wish you could hear ethan's laughter while i do this dance. 

wedding day! 
we had 4 wedding weekends in a row. 
this is why i can't blog. i am still trying to get caught up! 
man, the life of a photog is crazy. who knew! ;) 
we love it. and we're looking forward to the day when we can both be full time photographers/edit maniacs to do even more for our amazing couples! 
i love this photo. ethan is a silly sweet man. he makes me happy. duh

party bus from that wedding! 
aren't weddings fun!
this bride is a family friend from when i was a babe! i was very best friends with her sister and we're still all close today. it meant so much to me to be their wedding photog. it was a super special day.
again, still working on that editing, too. 

new stamps for the business! 
okay. it's so cute, right?!

all dressed up! well, just my face and hair. i wore jeans and a sweater. 
i have been loving this sometimes fall like summer weather this year! 
some days are still in the 90's and i'm like okay, enough. 
but then some days i could wear jeans and sweaters. SWEATERS.

girls night out. i was sick. 
ew i hate being sick. it was a really bad one. and it lasted for a MONTH. 
thankfully ethan didn't get it. i think that's the only time he hasn't gotten what i had. 
it was two different infections being treated with two different antibiotics which i don't handle well. then i ended up in the ER. 3 hours and 4 shots later. and i was finally on the road to recovery. that was a long one. 
AND our best friends came to visit which i didn't get any photos with because it was so groooossss. 
wish i had, though. they are literally, the best people on the planet and i adore them most of all. 
ethan does too. maybe even more then me, because he's pretty intense about the people he loves.

sister and mitch time! 
my sisters are AWESOME. we had some amazing girl time during this visit. 
mitchie really does like us. he just didn't for this photo.
i love this florida baby so much! 
his brother was at VBS or else i would squeezed him, too. 
ps. i love this photo because it makes me laugh. i love when adults act SO excited for the photo to try and get the kid to go along with it. so the result is two overly excited adults and one very not amused baby. perfect. 

my beautiful sister in love and her babe, mitchie. 
see, he loves her. 

my all time favorite outfit. 
good will skirt
forever 21 top. 
it's already got two holes in it. that is why mall stores fail. 
but this skirt. i mean. 
3 dollars and i'll wear it forever. 

i wonder if other people can tell that i'm still way sick here?
i've really learned to pretend well. at that. 
but ethan's hair! can we just talk about that for a minute?
um. so handsome. this is my favorite hair he's had so far. 
i love the color of his hair and the way it looks on his face and head! 
and his eyes. oh, boy. 
he's perfectly put together. very pleasing to my eyes! 

go buy some and eat it. 
they have it at county market and meijer. 
you're welcome. 

a little night photography for fun. 

um. my e at work. 
who knew i'd grow up to be a husband and wife photographer team! not me! 
wow, God is good. what a blessing to work side by side with my husband, not only in life but in actual career work! he LOVES photography and he's so good. plus, favorite couple ever award. we truly adore these two. they are an amazing couple, following hard after God. she is a real gem and he is a real leader. they will do very well in marriage together because God is their center. it's so clear, and so true. i love marriage and this is exactly what i love most about wedding photography. 

crafting and breakfast! 

favorite photo ever award. 
flynn rider is my husband. 

um. these wedding cupcakes from an august wedding. DEVINE. 
best wedding dessert i've had to date. 
plus, they gave us the wood centerpiece to keep! 
i'm so going to decorate with it in our new home. whenever that happens! 
ethan had the chocolate one. i didn't even care to ask him how it was because i was in heaven with my red velvet. nom nom. 

goodwill shirt and favorite little coffee mug. 
that was a sweet sunday. 
is there anything better then goodwill clothes and coffee and sunday sermons? 
i don't think so. 

gifts for friends! i love crafting. and i love gifts. 

um. my desktop. 
this is what happens after 8 weddings and numerous other photo sessions. 
such a sad little mess. 
this sunday afternoon ethan and i spent time organizing and he saved my mess. 
did i mention that he's awesome? my hero. 

looking handsome while working. 
he can't help it. 

date day in indy! 
i fear the day when ethan beats the phone out of my hand when i ask once more
 "can we take a photo together" 
poor guy. 

we were kissing like this ^^
and then we walked hand in hand around. 
we passed this couple that happened to be watching us and the gal looked at me like she knew. 
it was the sweetest thing. 
if she knew, then that means she knows in her marriage, too. because it was that kind of look. 
and i'm so glad for her. 
having a husband who will not shy away from hugs and kisses and hand holding and tickling while in public is really nice. they were a super cute couple. she was blonde and adorable and he looked bright-eyed and happy with her. they held hands and laughed and talked loudly, too. it was good to see. 
i hoped in that moment that they have Jesus. i wonder if i should've stopped to talk with them. 

we went to a photographers event. 
not really the biggest deal ever but it was really special to me. 
our name tags had our names with our business name as well. 
i love being ethan's wife, mrs. burt. and i love owning a business with him. 
we are a team. and we are so proud of building this name together. 

our drive home that evening. 
when i see the sky, i feel that God has painted it just for me. 
He has. He has painted it so that i can worship my Creator. and remember all that He has done for me, for you, through His son, Jesus. 

and just another kissing photo because i.love.ettt. 
i asked e for a photo and instead he grabbed me for keeses. 
i'm not mad about it. 
plus i got these cute photos. 
he really commits to kisses. and mostly my face ends up red from his scratchy beard. 
i love his beard. 
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