this is where i share my whole soul. i write about my struggles. my joys. my amazing life with my handsome husband. our photography company. our cat. wedding seasons. our travels. community. beer and coffee dates. probably lots about pizza, too. i believe that life is worth living. and sharing my story connects me to beautiful souls. i feel like i grow into a better human when i write and read stories. we all have something amazing to share with the world. this is my life in pink. 

when i get a day off, i throw together all my random thoughts and call it a blog post || personal life || ethan and bethany || la vie en rose

sometimes i wish i could draw. 
i have all these crafting ideas but can't fulfill them due to lack of talent. 
it's depressing. 

sometimes i eat tums like they are candy. 
i used to only like rolaids but then after i got married ethan bought me tums and i thought he was a freak. but now i just like tums. i'm a one brand at a time kind of woman. 
oh, and only the peppermint flavor. NEVER the fruit flavor. ethan learned that the hard way. 
poor schlub. 

i'd love to start a second business doing something adorable like my cute girl friends on etsy do. 

i can remember being 12 and wanting to work in the wedding industry. 
it feels like a dream that i am 24 and am doing just that. 
only it's even better because my handsome husband works with me and loves it too. i mean..

at our last wedding, the church reminded me of the Wedding Planner. 
yes i know, it's with j.lo and mister never wears a shirt mcconaughey but just look past that for a moment. i was 12 when i first saw it! give me a break. 

anyways, i was super giddy at the rehearsal and made ethan watch me run/walk behind the stone walls/hallway/isle/i'm terribleatexplainingthings/thing. and said "i'm just like the wedding planner only i'm the wedding photographer!" seriously, guys. it was no joke. but ethan did laugh at me. 

i consider myself to be on vacation because i'm taking two days off. well, 1 full day and 1 half day. 
i have been on pinterest for HOURS completely guilt free. it's been amazing. 
so naturally i'm taking time to write a lovely random blog post. 

so um. something awesome happened. 
ethan and i bought a house! *insert happy dance and excited gasps here*
our very first home. 
i'm so going to enjoy our little life there. God is so good. we're provided for. 
we have never bought anything like this before. a house feels like huge deal. 
i'm just imagining ethan, myself and our baby cat in that home. walking around barefoot. 
we've been living with his dad while we save up for a downpayment. it'll be awesome to finally start up no pants thursdays again ;) 

a lady that met with ethan at work a few weeks ago stated that it was clear that he is a man of God. without him saying His name in any way. she just could tell.  
that is the absolute coolest thing to hear as a wife. 
i am so proud of the man my husband is. 
he's such a good role model for me and our unborn children. 

oh, we have named like 10 kids recently, so we just need to have them now. 
or buy them. either way. our kids will have awesome names. 

we're watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S
i think ethan is very chandler like. so funny, kinda nerdy. witty. awesomely sarcastic. 
i'm glad ethan likes the show. 
although he did say that next we'll start seinfeld so maybe he just is watching friends so i'll watch his favorite show. which is kinda sneaky snake of him. but marriage is compromise, folks. 

we're eating way too much pizza. 
that is totally a thing. 

my birthday happened! 
i love birthdays. i just really do. they are so fun! 
we don't do gifting on holidays which people think is weird but i like it. 
it's one of those things that's really cool that we agreed on when we met. don't gift me on certain days because we're "supposed to", gift each other on a tuesday with flowers or a yoda cookie jar and be good to each other everyday. our motto. 
it's working out beautifully so far. 

but i'm allll about friends and gifts! i love gifting my pretty friends and i'm so grateful that they think of me for my birthday! 
my gifts this year? you guessed it. COFFEE And COFFEE MUGS. :) 
and the top gift this year goes to this bird cage hangy thingy. 
it's awesome. and so me. ethan actually said "perfectly you" when i showed him all excited-like.
photos to come when it's up in my office in the new house. *eeeep!*

skiing. we'd really like to do that again. 
we're the couple that says we LOVE to ski. that it's our thing. but honestly we've only been once together. and then we've been too poor to go because dating is one thing, marriage is another. 
little tidbit, we actually have been on the same church ski trip in high school but didn't know each other. it's so fun thinking that God had this plan for us and we had no idea. wow. i am so glad i met ethan and he liked me enough to marry me. and i'm glad he stays married to me. 

fall!!! it has been absolutely glorious out the last few days. 
it's so easy to be thankful on days like this. God's creation is so gorgeous and 
smells great this time of year. crunchy, crisp air. mmmmm

it's almost pumpkin time! 
salty pumpkin seeds.
anyway i can get it. 
aaaaand i have a starbucks gift card. so pumpkin spice here i come.

ethan's hair. 
he's rocking awesome hair. and beard. 
plus his eyes. they are so dark but warm and also bright. 
he's so good at being handsome. 

i really like tattoos. 
i have 3. i want 15. or so. 
e isn't going for it. 
oy vey. 

i'm wondering if a person can love coffee too much? 

the end. 

guilt free pinterest and coffee in bed. vacation is sweet.

see what i mean about his being handsome??
my life is not hard. 

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