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ethan and bethany go to kentucky || personal story

ethan and i had the amazing opportunity to travel to somerset, kentucky to photograph a wedding.
it was an amazing wedding day experience and i am in love with the images, but even more in love with the couple! definitely a favorite memory of ours. 
so while we travel we like to stop and take photographs for ourselves. 
photographs make me so happy and i really don't think anyone can have too many. 
i love the idea of taking the photos, experiencing those moments and dreaming of showing our  babies one day. i love this life with ethan. he has me laughing so much. i feel overwhelmed lately with emotion for that husband of mine. he's just the greatest. 
there's something so cool about knowing someone the most. and them knowing you. and you getting to be you around them. and it's the best you that could be. because they bring it out in you. 
i want to squeeze him and kiss his face all the time. and i do. :) 
he's cute and sweet. and so hot and handsome. and tall. and goofy as heck. 
these are mostly just photos of our silly faces. 
we went to the orchard in somerset where our couple was going to have their first look the next day. 
turns out the day we went was super sunny, and the actual wedding day rained, naturally. but it was still fun to hang around and "test" our camera settings for the ideal spot for the wedding day. 
working with ethan is a dream come true. 
he's really good at photography and he's the best co-worker ever. he's endlessly sweet and i get to kiss him anytime i want. not a bad gig. 
also, it really feels like we get to renew our vows at each wedding. i can't help but look around the church to find his sweet face, waiting for my gaze, during the vows. we just give each other the knowing look and mostly i tear up. some days, he does too. and my heart swells. 
wedding photography is absolutely the best. it's amazing how God has just allowed this business to take off. we are enjoying it so much. 
we just bought a house, too. so that's happening. and wow, life feels busy. weddings to edit, sessions to edit, a house to renovate so we can move in and being in pain. it feels like too much at times but i'm just trying to remember that it's all a sweet blessing. my pain levels are crazy high. the traveling did a toll on me. but i'm so so thrilled that i'm not bed ridden. and very surprised! i have improved so very much in the last year. i am most thankful for that right now. before, i'd shoot a wedding on a saturday and be in bed until the next wednesday. but this last trip we left on thursday, shot on friday and saturday, traveled to visit family sunday, shot a senior session, and then traveled to visit more family monday, traveled home tuesday and i'm still standing! phew. today i am feeling it the hardest. and it's really difficult to not be angry,  i'm hurting so much. 
but our trip was wonderful! we got to visit cousins and stay on their farm. i sat in duck poop (and i still have not washed my pants because i'm that gross and don't have the time) and fell in love with  a beagle dog. we enjoyed chatting and sitting out by the pond. and we went to martinsville, indiana to visit e's mom and step dad. it was so good to finally visit them! i'm ashamed at how long it's taken us but we finally made it and it was the best time. i love my mom-in-love. 
i'm so thankful that i get to have a good relationship with ethan's parents. she's sweet and encouraging and strong and beautiful. and she's super sweet to me, which i don't mind at all. 
then we rushed like insane crazy people to get home to sign on our house. 
i think we were too exhausted to truly be excited. but we really were thankful. it's been a long time coming. i had no idea buying a house was so stressful. it is a time we won't forget. we just were also in a super tired daze. we're working on getting the carpets torn up and purchasing appliances to go in. it's a super sweet little home and i'm so excited to live there and make it ours. 
it's just my favorite time of year. it's the busiest i've ever been but i'm trying to enjoy some fall air when i can. october is so lovely. and really sweet things happen in the fall. 
we're coming up on our 4 year together-versary. my meeting ethan day is and always will be my favorite. my life changed in just a few hours. gosh. i so love him. 

here are our ridiculously silly photos that i totally love. 

e explaining something that i'm probably not listening to.

he's cute when he explains things.

oh, hey girl. i think you're pretty. thanks for working so hard. you're really good at life. 


i like happy. 

i mean. 

i can't even. 

i don't know. 

it's too much. 

kentucky is pretty. 

somerset welcomes us!

our hotel had hot chocolate chip cookies. you guys.. 
our conversation : 
b : "we are going to get so fat this weekend"
e :"yep"

this is the church where our couple got married.
it was gorgeous.

aren't they gorgeous!?
i fed them.
and they scared me.
and i sat in their poop.

pretty! and the little tail swirl. 

i could get used to that view. 
this is our cousin's farm!

this guy. he's so super cool.
but also very scary.
he came at me ready to fit after this photograph. i was scared for my life.

super cool bridge! on our way out of verona, kentucky.

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