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Allison & Tyler get married || 10.19.13 || Central Illinois Wedding Photographer || Ethan and Bethany Burt || Rose Colored Glasses Photography || Somerset, Kentucky

This wedding is straight up Etsy-cute. 
Allison is a girl after my own heart. We have the same style and love for marriage and all things mustard yellow with a splash of mint. She is sweet and kind and has the most beautiful smile. 
Tyler is completely cool, handsome and adores his bride. 
I met these two via Instagram and we instantly hit it off. 
It was kind of a joke at their engagement to have Ethan and I come to Somerset to shoot their wedding until one day I got the most amazing email from Allison, asking us to travel to be their wedding photographers. 
I feel like I'm living a dream. 
We have now only met A & T once which was to shoot their wedding day but they have taken a piece of our hearts. We will see them again and hope to make it a regular thing! 
This wedding was so extra special to me. While helping at the rehearsal, my sweet husband and second photographer said to me "this is your dream wedding, huh?" and it was. 
Mustard yellow, thrifted antique everything. Wild flowers and adorable vases. and most importantly, a couple who loves The Lord and is following His Will for their lives. 
There is nothing sweeter than a God centered marriage and I am thrilled to know A & T have this. 
There is so much emotion and love in every single image and every single part of their day it brings me to tears. We were so blessed and honored to capture this day. I will remember it fondly forever. 

I hope you enjoy their wedding day story : 

Allison + Tyler get Blairried 

He has made all things beautiful in His time. 

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